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After catching the attention of producer and world renowned music mogul and artist Kanye West in 2007, Big Sean signed to West’s label GOOD Music. With management and a production team behind him, Big Sean began working more on his artistry and in just a year was able to land a recording deal with Def Jam. With three successful mixtapes under his belt, Big Sean is working on his first studio album Finally Famous, which fans can anticipate to be released in 2011. Bestfan recently spoke with Big Sean about his past successes and future plans as an artist.

(Bestfan): First off, congratulations on your monumental moment rapping with G.O.O.D music on the BET Cypher. Were you nervous at all?

Thanks a lot. Was I nervous? Yes. I was up there with legends like Common, Kanye and Pusha T. Cypha and I being the new guys. You have to know you’re up there for a reason I wasn’t up there for a coincidence. I felt like I had prove myself and I felt that’s what I accomplished proving myself worthy.

(Bestfan): Kanye West has taken you under his wing and has mentored you after Sean Menifee. Will Big Sean explore different styles and genres of music in the near future?

Big Sean: I always love doing new things. I’m always into new kinds of music so that is definitely possible or always trying to find new music at least. I love exploring new genres of music. I’m not that good of a singer but, what I’m good at is rapping. I will take lessons for signing.

(Bestfan): If you weren’t rapping, what do you think you would break into? What other types of music interest you?

I like singing. I just can’t sing that well (laughs). I also like the piano. I can’t play the piano that well either but I’m going to get it.

(Bestfan): How did Detroit shape you as a young rapper?

Big Sean: I feel like growing up in Detroit you see so many sides of things. Detroit you experience so many different types of things. Especially in my case, I grew up in the ghetto all my life but I went to a private school. I’d go to school and there would be the whites and blacks and so many races and going back to the hood it would just be the ghetto. It showed me how different the world could be and know where to be hood. You need to know where to wear a business suit. Also from an artistic side, I think it really inspired me. It really inspired me because when you see different cultures it helps you and when people travel around the world you become inspired. When you see different cultures it changes your perspective on different things. That’s why growing up in Detroit seeing different sides to the city especially coming Waldorf Art school that really introduced me to poetry . We were forced to write our own poems, so that stuck with me forever.

(Bestfan): Listening to your music, your fans have commented that your lyrics are compelling and captivating. What is the best verse you’ve written? What verse or lyrics by another artist inspired you, earlier in your career?

Big Sean: The best verse I’ve written hasn’t been released yet. The best verse hasn’t even been heard it’s going to be on my new album. The best verse I’ve written currently has to be from Final Hour. That’s the best verse I have out right now.

(Bestfan): Is there a verse that has inspired you to become big Sean.

Big Sean: Oh, hell ya! Artists in general like Eminem coming from Detroit, he was been someone I looked up to and other lyrists like Blade Icewood, The Chedder boys, Royce Da 5’9 and J Dilla. The most compelling would have to be a Biggie verse that is the one that has stuck with me. I was really into Jay Z and Biggie, just because when I was coming up the Bad Boy era was so bangin at the time and of course Tupac. I was really into Biggie, so the first verse to Juicy – I could do that in my sleep.

(Bestfan): In regards to ‘Finally Famous Vol 1-3’ Explain the transitions you’ve made style wise and what haven’t we heard that we will hear on Finally Famous in 2011?

Big Sean: I’ve only done three mixtapes ever and each one shows tremendous progression. I feel like the first one was the mixtape I was trying to get signed to G.O.O.D music and through Kanye created buzz. My second one Big Sean was the mixtape I did it with Mic Boogie that went really well. Had a good fan base, was one of my big co-signs and I started to get paid for shows. The recent one I did with Don Cannon Finally Famous Volume 3. I became my own adlibs, my own flow and I became myself as an artist. The first two mixtapes were a preparation to my new mixtape and my recent mixtape was a preparation for my album. I feel really comfortable as an artist. I’m getting recognized more than before. This mixtape is the closest feeling they’ll get to hear on the album.

(Bestfan): With the rap game stronger than ever, do you feel pressure next to the likes of young rappers like Drake, J.Cole or Tyga?

Big Sean: Nah.  I f**k with all of them on a personal level, those are my homies. I was actually kicking it with J. Cole last week. We’re about to do another song together. I’m actually excited about it. Tyga and Drake are my homies. I really f**k with Drake because of the amount of success he has, it shows how big I can be too. I really respect him because he is a new artist. People respect him as a new artist. He came out and sold 1.5, ot whatever the number he did. I’m excited its more of a competition thing. You see what other people have it going on and you wanna be the shit too.

(Bestfan): One thing about Big Sean that people rave about is your unique style. Having Pharrell say that you are ‘unique’, how does that feel?

Big Sean: It’s incredible being co-signed by people like Kanye and Pharrell. I think of style just as a extension of you so you being a real G being yourself or whatever the case will be you will get recognized for it as long as its unique and fresh. I use to ride to school listening to Pharrell and Kanye and for them to recognize that’s love.

(Bestfan): Do you and Taz Arnold ever have outfit battles even though you wear his clothing line Ti$A?

Big Sean: We don’t ever have any fashion battles like that but I like TISA and the snap back hats they have. They’re hot. He’s dope – I like him a lot. He’s showing me another dimension and avenues of fashion game. He’s a real G, another kid coming out of South Central. His mind is so advanced and I think that’s what happens when you go around the world and see new things.

(Bestfan): You already have a relationship with Kanye West and the family at G.O.O.D music, but is there someone you would like to work with in terms of producing or collaborating with? Any plans to work with Jay Z?

Big Sean: Jay is definitely one of the homies. I’ve sat and talked to him a lot. Been in the studio with him. There’s no projects going on with Jay yet but there will be a song sooner or later with me and him there’s some things happening behind the scenes but nothing I can speak on right now.

(Bestfan): When your debut album is released, will you still make mixtapes or will you focus your career on main stream studio albums?

Big Sean: The thing about me is my ‘mainstream’ isn’t necessarily pop sound it’s still going to have my mixtape feeling. It’s just going to be better, trust me. I’m going to show people you can keep it at a mixtape feeling and mainstream level. I feel like My Dark Twisted Fantasy (album by Kanye West) has a underground feel but, it’s mainstream as hell. So, I think it’s all about finding the median and going mainstream is the goal. I just have to rep the streets and do what I gotta do because that’s where I came from.

(Bestfan): Where do you see Big Sean in 5 years from now?

Big Sean: As the best rapper of the game. At least debated as the best rapper of the game. That’s not even being cocky, that’s just confidence you have in yourself. I believe in myself more than anything. That’s also the goal. If you’re not doing that, I don’t know what your doing.

Bestfan Quick Q’s

What is your favourite song at the moment?

All of the Lights by Kanye and Aston Martin Music by the Boss. Those two are my favorite.

What is your drink of choice?

I’m recently getting into this Cognac called Navan. I’m not into dark liquor like that but lately I’ve been drinking it because it tastes like Vanilla Cognac.

If you could take a private jet to any location, where would you go?

I would probably go to Egypt or something like that. It seems like a dope ass place. I’ve been to Asia, China Japan and all sorts of places.

Favorite food?

I’m into pasta dishes. Really into spaghetti, macaroni and alfredo. I hate seafood. I can’t stand seafood.

What is the craziest thing a female fan has done on or off tour for Big Sean’s attention?

There has been a lot of crazy stories, I can’t even front. There was a show somewhere in North Carolina and found my room somehow and called my room and were going crazy screaming and everything. Security had to take them out. Stuff like that happens all the time at shows. Bras are thrown on stage, it’s crazy.

Which car would you get over the other? Buggatii or Maybach?

(Laughs) I would get the Bugatti. I want the Maybach bad as hell, but the Bugatti is two mill. Let’s be real.

-End of Interview-

Big Sean will be dropping brand new music for music fans in the new year. The first studio album will be called Finally Famous, and you can rest assured that Big Sean will be bringing the heat this time around, after much success with his three earlier mixtapes. Check out the latest music video for the song ‘Too Fake’ featuring Chiddy Bang.


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