Ladies and Gentlemen Please Welcome Sharon Paris

“We try and do stuff that makes people smile, and we try and keep it a little bit intelligent.” Sharon Paris is a designer from New Zealand, based in Miami is surely making many smile. The Fine Arts graduate began designing leather accessories five years ago and can now be found at high-fashion retail and department stores internationally; Liberty and Urban Outfitters in London, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong and Colette in Paris to say the least. She gets her inspiration comes from movies, magazines, and who would have thought, quotes.
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She has previously designed t-shirts and shoes for three different companies firms and is working hard to find more opportunities. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about her although her line seems to be doing well. Paris recently stated in an interview, “Often I know who I want and I email and send them stuff. I could be doing it for years and I’ll meet them at a fair and they’ll say, `This is a nice collection, I have never seen these before.’”


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