Interview With: Maggie D

Personal trainer Maggie D graces her beauty and amazing abs on the cover of Women’s fitness magazine, Oxygen. Maggie has worked with artists like Nelly Furtado and Fefe Dobson and is no stranger in the fitness world. She’s one the trainers on the #1 online fitness and workout resource, Top 10 Workouts ( We asked Maggie D a few questions about best celebrity transformations, her favourite work out songs and what the best exercise to do when you’re in a hurry!

(Bestfan): What is the biggest celebrity transformation you have seen?
(Maggie D):I can’t say that I have really noticed great celebrity transformations, however when I saw Jessica Biel’s body in Powder Blue, I was totally mesmerized and immediately went into the gym and trained with a new conviction.

(Bestfan): What are the top 10 tunes that pump you up during a work out?
(Maggie D): The songs that inspire me during my workout changes as my workouts do! Here is my current playlist of favorites:

1901 – Phoenix
The Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the machine
Mienteme Bien – Concha Buika
Tightrope – Janelle Monáe
Koop Island Blues – Koop Island
All I Want – Jehro
Someone Like You – Adele
Sofi Needs a Ladder – Deadmau5
White Noise White Meat – Dadalife
Beautiful – Ferry Corsten

(Bestfan): Who are some of the celebrities you have worked with? And what would they say is the top tip you have given them to keeping fit?

(Maggie D): I have had the amazing opportunity to work with celebrities such as Nelly Furtado and Fefe Dobson, and as with all my clients, I feel my best advice is to keep a complete and overall healthy approach to their fitness. This includes being constantly active, eating well and keeping a healthy mental state when it comes to getting their bodies into a shape they are happy with.

(Bestfan): You not only have to motivate yourself, but your clients as well. What’s your secret to staying dedicated and motivated on those days you just want to sit on the couch?

(Maggie D): On days that I and my clients don’t feel overly motivated to workout, I suggest my 10 minute rule. Simply go to the gym and if after 10 minutes they don’t want to be there then they can give themselves the permission to leave without guilt. I have used this for many years, and have only left 1 time

(Bestfan): What is your favorite workout setting, why? The gym, a park, your home?
(Maggie D): My favorite workout setting changes from time to time however I do feel most comfortable in a gym setting but when boredom strikes, I head to an outdoor setting to get in touch with nature.

(Bestfan): What’s the best exercise to do when you’re in a rush or hurry?
(Maggie D): The best exercises I do when im in a rush or hurry are ones that involve as many body parts as possible. For example, if I am scheduled to train shoulders, core and need to do some cardio, I will complete a combo move of: Dumbell deadlift straight into a shoulder press drop into a plank follow with mountain climbers and finish with a jump squat. Repeat this as many times as I can.

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