Interview With: Data Romance

British Columbia natives and electronic duo Data Romance (Ajay and Amy) are about to embark on a tour with fellow electronic duo Digitalism. We chatted with Ajay and Amy about how they got started, realizing their music career path and where they see themselves in 5 years.

Bestfan: How did you come up with the name “Data Romance”?

Amy: We were called “Names” before which is a really hard name for people and led to really confusing conversations, and then we went through different ideas and then Jay found “Data Romance” which is an Ellen Allien song and it just really kind of incorporate on what we are as a band, Jay is data and I’m romance which is the vocals and lyrics and Jay does the beats.

Bestfan: How would you classify your music for someone who hasn’t heard of you before?

Ajay: Witch house (laughs) No, just kidding. We were talking about this with someone else the other day and we just usually say electronic music, which is vague but we can’t really classify our music more specific because we have a pretty diverse sounds. We use a lot of electronic music and some songs are purely electronic based but we still play instruments though. So just calling us an electronic band might be misleading when we use real piano, real guitar and drums.

Bestfan: Where do you get your inspirations?

Amy: Visually, Björk and Radiohead, and more of the timeless acts hugely inspire me, instead of quick fads. Definitely any strong women singer/songwriters, from when I started til’ now, they’ll always be the core of where I draw inspirations from. And weird things, like a strange artist, but you just love the way they sound, lyrically which I can relate to.

Ajay: I have a ton; I usually get influences on new technology that I’m working with but mostly from other music. I hear bands or things being done in music, so I like to hear something I’ve never heard before and that’s how the songwriting starts for me.

Bestfan: Your music video “The Deep”. It’s a really cool concept. How did you come up with it?

Amy: We wanted to make a music video for “The Deep” cinematic and we didn’t want a straightforward storyline with Hollywood characters and explosions cause it’d be too obvious. So we found a director, Alistair Legran and he came out with a few different ideas and it was just so simple that we thought we could make it work really well with budget and the people who were involved. He did better than I could ever imagine. He found the dancers – New Styles krew and they’ve done work with Yo-Yo Ma and has crazy inspiring dances.

Bestfan: What point in your lives did you decide that you wanted Music to be your career?

Amy: When I was really, really young I wanted to do music, that’s it and then I was kind of doing it for a bit, but like songwriting in junior high and high school. Told myself that I was going to do music, didn’t really have a plan and then my parents told me to go to university, so I went to university and did theatre for a while. After I graduated I knew music was where my heart was.

Ajay: That’s a good question because it’s one of the hardest to stick with throughout life. It’s a tough career path and it’s a lot of dedication and stubbornness on your part to make it work.

Bestfan: Down the road, is there anyone you would like to work or tour with?

Ajay: There are tons. I’ve always liked the progression in music and I like the feeling of we’re doing something new and making something that’s never been made before. I’m happy being just us, and I don’t want to work with anyone right now.

Amy: We just toured with Modeselektor, they’re a German group. They were great. Radiohead would probably be the dream band, co-headline. Writing wise, if I were to write with Björk, it’d be so awkward cause I don’t think she’d want to write with me at all, like her creative process with someone else there.

Bestfan: Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?

Ajay: 5 years is a long time. I definitely would like body of works to look back on that I’m proud of. Future goals would be more creative and not how many tickets so sold or make this much money. I just want to make stuff that people find inspiring.

Bestfan’s Quick Questions

Favourite destination
Amy: Egypt

Favourite candy
Ajay: Snickers

Favourite movie
Ajay: The First Ninja Turtles movie
Amy: American Beauty

Tell us something that your fans might not know about you?
Amy: I like to bike and I’m crazy close with my parents. It’s like a bad dating answer. (laughs) But no, they’re super supportive.
Ajay: I like comics. I like Alan Moore’s stuff (Watchmen) and Frank Miller stuff.

– End of interview-

The duo will be in Toronto at the Mod Club tonight so if you’re not busy, you know where to go! ClickHERE for more details!
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