Interview With: Before You Exit

Pop band Before You Exit consists of cuties Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, Braiden Wood and Thomas Silvers who hail from Orlando, Florida. The boys are currently on tour with Allstar Weekend alongside Hollywood Ending and The After Party. Their new single “End of the World” has been getting a lot hits lately and they’re stealing teenage girls’ hearts everyday!

(BestFan): How was starting a band at such a young age? Do you have any advice for other young people wanting to start a band?

(Before You Exit): Starting a band at such a young age definitely required dedication and lots of nights of practice. While all of our friends were out at the movies on Friday nights, we were working on music in our garage. The best advice I think we can give is to just stay dedicated and to keep in mind that hard work will reward in the long run.

(BestFan): For Connor and Riley – How is it being in a band with your brother? Did it make you two closer, or were you always this close?

(Before You Exit): We have always been extremely close growing up and all three of us McDonough brothers (including our younger brother Toby) did about everything together. Music has definitely brought us that much closer as both friends and business partners.

(BestFan): Who are your musical inspirations?

(Before You Exit): Our musical inspirations range anywhere from John Mayer to Artists in the top 20, all the way to bands that have been big inspirations since the beginning like The Red Hot Chili Peppers or All Time Low.

(BestFan): How is the tour going so far and what is your favorite part of being on tour?

(Before You Exit): The tour has been amazing and it has been so much fun hanging out with friends and fans every night. I think one of our favorite parts about being on tour has got to be talking to all the people that come out to the shows. It is crazy how many people are at the shows that already know our band and we love meeting new people every night as well.

(BestFan): How was the experience recording with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, and going on tour with them? What was the biggest thing that you learned from them?

(Before You Exit): Alex is an extremely talented writer and we were very fortunate to be able to both write with him and tour with All Time Low. All of the band and crew that work with All Time Low are the nicest guys and we couldn’t have asked for a better first tour. They definitely showed and taught us all about touring because they are experts at it. The experiences we had on that tour hold a lot of moments that we will never forget.

(BestFan): Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

(Before You Exit): We do have some pre-show rituals that are essential for a smooth running show. Obviously, before the show, everyone does their warm-ups and gets ready. But one necessary thing that we have to do is huddle as a band, say a prayer and a few words of encouragement, and then we say, “1-2-3, B.Y.E!” and break to go on stage. Every time we forget to huddle and do our pre-show rituals, something goes wrong with the show so we make sure we don’t forget it.

(BestFan): Is there something that you want to accomplish in life that you haven’t already?

(Before You Exit): I think a common goal of ours would be to just push the band as far as we can and maybe one day get a song at a stop spot on iTunes or even play to an arena packed with kids. Both are dreams that we have all had since we were little and fulfilling these would obviously be a dream come true.

(BestFan): Tell us what’s the one thing each of you need to have with you on tour

(Before You Exit): Besides all the regular answers like phones and computers, I think everyone had to have their pillow from home. Braiden has to have his Dinosaur Oatmeal…Not kidding (laughs) and everyone else has their little things that they need like hairspray and headphones.

(BestFan): What are your thoughts on Canadian fans?

(Before You Exit): We love Canadian fans! We took our first trip out of the country and into Canada on this tour and the show was insane! All of the different money and accents in Canada are interesting being from America, but we love all of our Canadian fans.

BestFan’s Random Questions

Celebrity crush?

Connor: Taylor Swift
Riley: Katy Perry
Braiden: Selena Gomez
Thomas: Olivia Wilde

Favorite food?

Connor: Cheese
Riley: Spaghetti
Braiden: Mexican Food
Thomas: Pizza

Band you’d like to tour with?

We would love to do a tour with the band One Direction because we’re jamming a lot of their songs right now.

Biggest fear?

Connor: Snakes
Riley: Spiders
Braiden: Heights
Thomas: Snakes

Who takes the longest to get ready?
I think we got to go with Thomas on that one. (Laughs)

– End of Interview-

Official Website:
Facebook: /beforeyouexit
Twitter: @BYEconnor, @BYEriley, @BYEbraiden, @BYEthomas

Sing along to their new track “End of the World”!

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