Interview With: Walk the Moon

If the name Walk the Moon does not already ring a bell, then you might want to jump on the bandwagon! These four Ohio-natives are getting ready to absolutely take over the music scene with the upcoming release of their first full-length album and we are certain it will be named one of the best albums of 2012. We had the opportunity to hang out with two of the guys, Kevin and Eli, before they opened for Young the Giant last week in Toronto and they had some really great answers for us!

BestFan: What did you do yesterday for leapday?

Kevin: (Laughs) We crossed the border. We experienced the foggy drive to Toronto which was pretty epic.

Eli: Yeah, it was very mystical. We didn’t do anything all that interesting though. Got detained at the border for a minute in our very suspicious looking van and trailer.

BestFan: Where were you when you first found out that you were signed to RCA Records?

Eli: Let’s see – I remember when we made the decision at a restaurant in New York with our managers Michael and Lindsay. We had it down to two record companies and it was one of those restaurants that has those paper tablecloths so we had two lists written out and eventually RCA had a big circle around it. I think Lindsay still has the paper actually.

Kevin: Written in crayons too!

Eli: Yes – in true Walk the Moon fashion.

Kevin: To add, it’s not one of those things like finding out you’re pregnant or something (laughs). You really have to make a long, drawn out, educated decision about where you’re going to spend the rest of your musical career so it was more of a decision rather than a surprise.

BestFan: I know that the name Walk the Moon was established because of a song by the Police but was it a group decision? Did you ever consider other names?

Eli: The band was called Wicked in the Mix before it was called Walk the Moon but Sean, Kevin and I inherited the name Walk the Moon because that was the name of the band when we came into it.

Kevin: I think they probably considered thousands of names. Nick has told us that they’ve been through every name that they could possibly think of. Back then, when you came up with a name you would instantly go on MySpace and check out if any other bands existed with that name and most often they did and you would have the choose something else.

BestFan: On April 5th you’ll be performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Are you nervous for that? Are you excited?

Kevin: We’re so pumped – we’ve never played on a show like that before. Good friends of ours, Fitz and the Tantrums, got the chance to hang out with Jimmy Fallon backstage after their appearance so we’re pretty excited. It’s a little nerving though – you’re just sitting in a room waiting and waiting and then they come to get you and all of a sudden it’s go time and you go down there and play and then that’s it.

BestFan: It’ll be fun to watch yourselves after though!

Eli: I’m sure we’ll blackout while it’s happening (laughs)

BestFan: What is the best thing that has happened so far during this tour?

Eli: Nightly meeting fans and getting to talk to all kinds of people in all kinds of places is a really special experience. Getting to know the Young the Giant guys is also really, really cool. We were fans of the record before we went on tour with them so coming in and getting to know them personally as well as musically has been really neat.

Kevin: About a year ago, Walk the Moon played with Young the Giant at just a small Columbus show back in Ohio and it was fun but we only got to spend a maximum of like 2 hours with them. We kept running into them at festivals and at other shows and it’s nice now to finally get to know them on a personal level – they’re great.

BestFan: What about any crazy fan experiences?

Kevin: We pulled up to the venue in Detroit and we’re getting ready to load out of the van and a few fans rushed Nick and were screaming like “oh my God oh my God, Nick – you promised you’d bring us face paint” and we were just standing there like uh…

BestFan: You were named one of MTV’s 11 Artists to Watch for in 2012. That’s quite the compliment. Does that put more pressure on you or  does it just make you that much more excited to put new music out this year?

Kevin: I honestly don’t think that it fazes us personally it’s just an absolute honour. I don’t think that it puts an extra pressure on us to do better – it’s already going to happen and be what it is.

Eli: We’re just going to keep on doing what we’ve been doing!

BestFan: So is the new album mastered and completely done or are there a few finishing touch to be made?

Kevin: It’s ready to go!

Eli: It exists!

BestFan: And it’s still set to be out in May?

Kevin: That’s what we’ve been told.

Eli: It’s been forever! It’s like this secret that we’ve had inside of us for a year and we’re just dying to get it out.

Kevin: On this side of the process, you just want everything to roll out perfect and on time and we just can’t wait.

Quick Questions:

1. What fast food place do you stop at the most?

Eli: Wendy’s

2. Where is one place that you haven’t played a show that you hope to in the future?

Kevin: Red Rocks

3. Do you have any strange phobias?

Kevin: I have a phobia of Nick’s sweaty after-show shirts. That’s for sure. He likes to just throw them in the van and I always freak out and put them on a hanger and put them in the trailer. Otherwise, we ain’t scared.

4. How would you describe yourself in one word?

Eli: Awesome

Kevin: Ruckus

5. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you ask for?

Eli: More wishes (laughs)

Kevin: A driver/bus, a healthy fast food option that tastes good and…

Eli: A vacation island in the sun for me and all my friends

– End of Interview –


Twitter: @WALKTHEMOONband


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