Interview With: FRED

If you haven’t heard of Irish band FRED than you’re about to find out and we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with them and their music. They’re a 4-piece band from Cork, Ireland and when BestFan first heard their music, we couldn’t stop listening to it. Their joyful music and positive outlook towards life are just two of the many great things about them. They recently released their latest album, Leaving My Empire (which you can purchase HERE). We spoke to band member Joe on how they first got started to how much they love Canada.

(BestFan): Can you give us a brief history of the band?

(FRED): Well we hooked up as a band whilst a lot of us were studying not a whole lot in college back in the late 90’s (yes we are that seasoned). Over the years people have come and gone but Jamin, Justin, Jamie and myself have been the stalwarts for a long while now.

(BestFan): For music fans that aren’t familiar with FRED, how would you describe the type of music you create?

(FRED): It’s a little indie but also there’s a bit of the rock n roll spirit going on, and there’s a lovely touch of pop sensibility going on there too. We basically love real songwriters like Dylan, Springsteen, Brian Wilson and the Beatles.

(BestFan): Your band has a unique name, how did you get the name “FRED”? Does it stand for something?

(FRED): Alas no. We were stumped for a name and couldn’t agree, so we picked a letter each out of a hat and FRED popped out.

(BestFan): Tell us about your latest album, Leaving My Empire. How is different from your “Go God Go” album?

(FRED): Well Leaving my Empire is probably the most collaborative album FRED has ever written, and it was also composed and written over quite a concise space of time (unlike Go god Go which was pieced together over 18 months). Leaving is also the first album where we handed over a little control to a producer who happened to be the legend that is Howard Bilerman. So for this album we decamped to Montreal, got out of our safety zone and had a great time. It was also recorded onto tape which meant that there was a much more live vibe and feel to the recording as we were looking at each other in the same room as we played, which was just class.

(BestFan): Could you tell us about your latest single “Somewhere Else” and how the writing process was like?

(FRED): There was a moment not too long before we went recording where I was sitting at home strumming my guitar as my girlfriend was preparing a beautiful meal, but the house we were living in was really cold and we almost had pneumonia from living there. When as a joke I just started singing “Girl we should be somewhere else”! Then I just took it, put it with the rest of the idea and worked it through with the band and out popped “Somewhere Else”. Just like that!

(BestFan): Where and what inspires your writing?

(FRED): People everyday and the unplanned moments that make up life.

(BestFan): Is there anyone that the band would like to work with or tour with in the near future?

(FRED): Would love to tour with the National..they’re such a special band and real songwriters. Also I’ve got a soft spot for Feist so it would be great to song with her down the road.

(BestFan): What are you thoughts on Canada and your Canadian fans?

(FRED): Canada has from day one treated us so well. People have come to gigs and been so enthusiastic and also it was kinda special to get offered a record deal the very first gig we played in Toronto. Over the years too we’ve gotten to play and make friends with a great bunch of folk from Joel Plaskett to Doug Paisley and there is no better way to meet people but through music.

BestFan’s Quick Q’s

Favourite Junk Food
Whopper from Burger King

Favourite Movie
The Usual suspects

What are you a best fan of? (It can be anything)
Meeting new people

– End of Interview –

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