Interview With: Stacey McKitrick

During Canadian Music Week, with sat down with up and coming Country singer Stacey McKitrick and talked about fellow Canadian Country singer Dean Brody, her inspirations and what we’ll expect next from her!

(BestFan): Do you pick out your own clothes or do you have someone picking them out for you?
(Stacey McKitrick): My Manager actually picks out all my clothes to be honest. I pretty much love anything that sparkles and shines but sometimes I get a little carried away. So she’s kind of the voice of reason.

(BestFan): Who are you Co-Presenting the Canadian Radio Music Awards with?
(Stacey McKitrick): I just finished that actually! I did that with Dean Brody, who I absolutely have a major crush on! He is honestly so nice, very down to earth, humble and just a real gentlemen. I actually made him double check my teeth to see if there was any makeup and lipstick on them. I’m sure he was like “oh my gosh, who are they making me do this with?”, but he was fantastic.

(BestFan): How has Canadian Music week been so far for you?
(Stacey McKitrick): Really great, it’s really exciting because we just released a single which is called “What Goodbye Looks Like”. So to get to be here and kind of have that timing work out was phenomenal and fantastic. We can really get it out there and get to meet lots of different people. We also have a show coming up on saturday at the Cadillac Lounge and it’s been great to talk to people and invite them to come out.

(BestFan): Where did you get the country inspiration?
(Stacey McKitrick): I was born in Calgary, Alberta. So growing up there, Country has always been big. My mom started playing Reba McEntire when I was really little, and i fell in love. They always had music playing in the house and right from a young age, I think I was about nine months old, I started singing along. I wasn’t forming sentences and speaking them, but I would sing them. So mom was like ” Hmm, maybe there’s something to this” and you know it just became a passion, there was never a doubt in my mind that i wanted to do anything else.

(BestFan): So then what happened? You were in Calgary, you started singing and then at what age did you move to British Columbia?
(Stacey McKitrick): We moved to BC when I was about 6 years old, and I basically started singing publicly when I was nine years old. My mom and dad were very encouraging and they just said that if you really want something, then go out there and get it, be proactive, don’t just sit back and wait for it to happen and follow your dreams. So my mom and I used to look in the newspaper every week and try and find different places that would need a singer to come.

(BestFan): She also helped advice you to go win a Juno, before you actually release an album?
(Stacey McKitrick): I actually still don’t even understand how that came about. I just count my blessings, and I’m very thankful. It comes down to my team, they’ve been phenomenal. We’re in the Universal family, and they obviously have K’NAAN as their artist. They knew that I was an up-and-comer, and they wanted to help me out, so they let me be apart of it. It was really such an honour to get to be with artists that I am huge fans of and giving back to such a great cause. That itself was a huge bonus and then to go on and win a Juno, I was just shocked.

(BestFan): How cool is it to be the HevyD’s Kettle Korn spokeswomen?
(Stacey McKitrick): It’s amazing, I’m also still shocked about that! I actually met Barry Stecyk, who was the guy that owns the popcorn. He and I met a couple years back at the CCMAs (Canadian Country Music Awards). I was apart of something called “Standing Strong and True”, which was a video that was for the troops. We met there and got to chatting, became acquainted, and later on down the road I guess he was looking for a girl to come and do that and somehow he thought of me. I am very grateful for it.

HevyD’s Kettle Korn super delicious,low calorie, low fat, and gluten free. It’s going to be distributed across Canada and my picture will be on the back of 300 thousand bags. So I’m pretty excited. I just told them that they can’t bring anymore to my house, because Ican’t stop eating them. It’s kind of like once you have a couple, you finish the bag.

(BestFan): What can we expect next from you?
(Stacey McKitrick): We’re going to be doing a ton of touring this summer, to get out there and meet the fans! We get to play a lot of shows. We’re going to be playing at the Calgary Stampede, Havelock and the Rock and River Music Festival. There is a bunch of different festivals that we’re going to be at. So we’re going to try and keep busy this summer, and hopefully have a follow up single by the time summer comes along. We’re also in the midst of putting together and working on a new record. Lot’s of things to get excited about!

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