Interview With: The Koffin Kats

Who are The Koffin Kats? It consist of Vic, Ian and Eric, a dynamite punk trio who’ve quickly become the champions of the psychobilly scene. They’re currently on their North American tour and their wild live shows are an event that must be witnessed first hand. They released their latest album, Our Way and The Highway this year and it is full of wildly explosive tracks and a must hear album! Check out our interview with their lead vocalist Vic on how they got together, how they got their name and what they’re a best fan of!

(Bestfan): How did you come together and form?
(The Koffin Kats): I had been doing the local band thing around the Detroit area for a while but just saw it growing stagnant to stay in one place. I wanted to get out of town. So I found some like minded friends and a year later we were out doing a coast to coast tour.

(Bestfan): Where did the name “Koffin Kats” derive from?
(The Koffin Kats): I owe that to my longtime buddy and main tattoo artist, Sam Wolf. We were watching movies and making burgers one afternoon and randomly started coming up with generic sounding band names as a bit of a game I guess. Well… he had Koffin Kats. Later after getting the band together we needed a… thanks Sam!

(Bestfan): What attracted you to punk music?
(The Koffin Kats): At first it was the speed and aggression…then I really started digging actual melodies built into that formula. One of the reasons Bad Religion will always be one of my favorite bands.

(Bestfan): If 2 bands were to mate and Koffin Kats was the offspring which 2 bands would that be?
(The Koffin Kats): The Damned and Stray Cats… Picking those because the are more known bands to people who may not be to familiar with the whole world of “Billy” music. None the less they are large influences on the forming of this band.

(Bestfan): Who have been some of your musical inspirations?
(The Koffin Kats): It ranges from Bad Religion to Waylon Jennings… Sheer Terror to The Quakes. Not to mention that I like to dive into a good deal of world music. Being a musician I really try to keep my mind and ears open to all forms of music. Except most of the regurgitated shit you hear on mainstream radio.

(Bestfan): Greatest thing about being in a band?
(The Koffin Kats): Being able to make your mark in the world of Rock and Roll and having the ability to do it how you want. Well thats how I like do it at least. Its all about branching out and taking chances with the music you write. If ya stick the the same old formula record after record you just stay the same old band. Thats not my gig.

(Bestfan): What are you a Bestfan of?
(The Koffin Kats): I’m a bestfan of being able to finally pay some bills and survive on the road through Rock and Roll. Not everyone gets this lucky and for that Eric, Ian, and I are forever grateful.

– end of interview-

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