Interview With: Haley Reinhart

American Idol season 10 alumni Haley Reinhart recently released her debut album, Listen Up! and her hit single, “Free”. Rachel David chats with Haley about how she first got into singing, her best moment on American Idol and what she thinks about Canadian hottie Ryan Gosling.


Bestfan: I wanted to start off by asking you how you first get into singing. I know I read that you started when you were eight years old, and your parents are musicians. Can you embellish a little bit on that for me?


Haley Reinhart: Sure! I started off really young. I was really lucky to be brought up in a house full of music at all times. That’s how my parents actually met. They’ve been playing for over 30 years together in a band so that’s how they met. Since then they’ve been in lots of different groups and I got to get up and sing with them since I was eight. I was writing poetry and songs. I got a lot of experience very young.


BestFan: No kidding! So then finally when American Idol came around you did audition the season before, but it wasn’t until the tenth season that you got to the final three. What was your best moment, do you think, on American Idol?


Haley Reinhart: Oh man! I feel like there were a lot of different great moments for different reasons. I think that there are a couple of different peaks for me, and some are more obvious than others. But I really did get to enjoy the last night of performing, and I got my dad up there. This ties in with the whole family – it was an honor to be able to take my dad up there and give back to my whole family. My mom taught me to sing my whole life, and my sister as well. I did Led Zeppelin which was my pick, and there was no turning back.


BestFan: Speaking of Led Zeppelin…. Robert Plant, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson – they all have shown support for you but which one out of the three of them makes you most giddy knowing that you have their support?


Haley Reinhart: I loved hearing all that. When I was on the show it was very surreal. Especially I remember one instance when I was getting calls that Ellen was talking about me when she had Tom Hanks on her show. And Tom Hanks said he had never voted for anybody before, and he was rooting for me. Hearing somebody so legendary, such a great actor, and Tom saying my name, was just incredible.


BestFan: That’s crazy! What do you think of going into the music industry from a competition show, versus going the old school way? I know now you are signed to Interscope, but nowadays there are two different ways of going about it.


Haley Reinhart: Well for me it’s very interesting that you ask. For me, if I could have done it on my own, I would have loved to, but the matter of the fact is that today’s day and age is a whole lot different. It’s not easy; there’s no just sitting around in bars and clubs just waiting to scout and search for the next big thing. So I think the more and more that I think about it, and me going through Idol, I really believe it’s a beautiful thing right now. We need these kinds of shows because otherwise there isn’t that much room and outlets to find people. So it is the internet, it’s YouTube, it’s the three singing shows that are out that are going to make people’s dreams come true.


BestFan: So what’s happening next? Your single “Free” is out, what else are you working on?


Haley Reinhart: Well right now I’m all over the place doing promo tours. I’m getting “Free” on as many stations as possible and it’s really going well. I hit the top 40 charts, or Hot AC most recently – it’s very exciting. And coming up there’s going to be a whole lot more talking about touring, and then there’s things like Lollapalooza which is in my hometown, Chicago, so I get to play there with my full band and it’s going to be amazing. And right now the album [drops] in two weeks or so, so I’m really just counting down the days and enjoying everything.


BestFan: Awesome! If you could pick one celebrity to be stuck in an elevator with, who would that be?


Haley Reinhart: Oh my goodness! Somebody sexy! I think I actually got asked this question once and I think I said Johnny Depp but my answer might change. Ryan Gosling, he’s pretty cute. I was just watching a movie a movie he was in.


BestFan: Was it Drive? Because he’s super dreamy in that.


Haley Reinhart: No I haven’t seen that, I have to check that out.


BestFan: You should! And then if you ever meet him, entice him because he’s a good Canadian boy and then you can come be Canadian with us!


Haley Reinhart: Oh my goodness I was worried you’d say that it’s because he’s Canadian right?!


BestFan: Honestly, he’s so amazing. You should really see Drive – that made me a new Ryan Gosling fan for sure!


Haley Reinhart: I will check it out for sure!


BestFan: Now another question: what high school clique were you in?


Haley Reinhart: I was actually in a lot of different groups. I was the one who jumped around group to group. I like to be a social butterfly, I really like to engage with many different people, I don’t really shut out anybody. Of course I had my main group of friends of like a three of five girlfriends and a lot of guys. I hang out with more guys than girls as a whole probably, but I really jumped around and kept myself busy with a lot of different kind of people.


BestFan: Cool! Last question: what are you a Bestfan of? It could be a colour, a food, a personality trait. It could be anything, but what are you just a really big fan of right now?


Haley Reinhart: Right now I’m a big fan of the sun. I’m laying out right now as we speak. I try to get in the sun as much as possible. It’s really relaxing, especially being really busy and doing all this crazy stuff, living in airports and everything. It’s good to be able to soak up resources and the environment.


BestFan: Thank you so much for joining me here at bestfan. If people wanna check you out where can they go?


Haley Reinhart: They can check out my website, which is just, or I’m on Twitter (@haleyreinhart) or Facebook. Check it out!


*Interviewed by Rachel David, Transcribed by Priya Ramji*

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