Interview With: Final Thought

Rachel David chats with Dustin Dopsa of Toronto pop rock band Final Thought to learn more about them, what they’re working on and what he is a ‘best fan’ of!


BestFan: Tell us about your band, Final Thought and describe who’s in it.


Final Thought: My name is Dustin, I play guitar and sing and write songs in Final Thought. There’s Tom, who plays drums and Brandon who plays bass. And then we have two more guys who come session with us when we play live.


BestFan: How did you all meet?


Final Thought: We were friends in high school. I met Brandon when I was in grade 10 in high school, so we go way back. Tom and Brandon went to the same high school so they knew each other through that. We were all just mutual friends.


BestFan: Were you band geeks?


Final Thought: No, I think Tom took like marching band or something for a bit but (laughs) I’m actually the worst and self-trained and I never actually took any music lessons ever. It’s not good (laughs)


BestFan: So, what made you want to get into music? Was it like “the chicks dig it”?


Final Thought: That’s definitely a plus I won’t lie. That’s a perk of it (laughs) like an extra on the side. I don’t know, I just caught the bug. I played hockey for a really long time and was really into sports and a big jock. (laughs) I know weird, right?

Anyways, one of my friends on my hockey team got a guitar and started playing and I thought it was really cool. I started listening to Blink 182 a lot and got really into that. Then, my grandpa and my mom played guitar so I just picked it up and from there wanted to keep playing songs. I started writing my own songs and stuff and it just kind of grew from there.


BestFan: Do you write all your own songs?


Final Thought: Yes


BestFan: Who do you get compared to like is there any bands people say you kind of sound like?


Final Thought: Yeah, I really look up to Blink 182 as I said so they are definite influence. 30 Seconds to Mars, U2, Taking Back Sunday. If all those bands had a baby and the baby came out, it might sound a little bit like Final Thought. It’s pretty ambitious. I’m not saying it would be as good as that but it would give you an idea of what it might sound like.


BestFan: What’s next for Final Thought?


Final Thought: We are working on putting a music video out for one of the songs off our record. Looks like it’s going to be a song called “Love Of My Life”. While we were in the studio last summer, we had a bunch of cinematographers and photographers and stuff come out and film a bunch of stuff while we were recording. So we are working on putting together a film to go along with the record. So kind of life a documentary style sort of thing. It’s about 30 to 40 minutes in length right now so that’s something that I’m pretty excited to finish and get out to people. I feel like that’s something that independent bands don’t necessarily take the time to do sometimes so I’m excited for that. It will be cool and hopefully by the summer that will be ready and we can release that and have some fun with that as well.


BestFan: And last question, what are you a ‘best fan’ of?


Final Thought: I am the best fan of good music, well-produced, high quality music. I am the best fan of that (laughs)

-end of interview-


*Conducted by Rachel David, transcribed by Shelby Vanderende

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