Interview With: Kovak

(BestFan): Where did you guys meet and how long have you been playing together as a group?

(Annelies): I was gigging in another band and along side the boys and we got together in 2009 when I joined. They knew me because we were on the same music scene and they needed a singer and I wasn’t gigging anymore in my band, so I did a gig with them and it went really well, and then I joined the band.


(BestFan): Where does the name ‘Kovak’ come from?

(Annelies): It’s actually the surname of Darren and Karl’s grandmother.


(BestFan): Describe Kovak sound for those who haven’t heard from you?

(Annelies): I would say it’s electro disco dance pop. It’s fun and it’s danceable.


(BestFan): What do you want your fans to walk away with after they’ve heard a Kovak album or song?

(Annelies): I think we like when people to just feel happy and have fun. Yeah, we don’t take ourselves terribly seriously but we like to dance and we think that translates because we look like were having fun on stage. When we write music we try and make it fun and just have a good feeling, you know what I mean?


(BestFan): What inspires you?

(Annelies): Wow, everything! Yeah, everything around us really. We just soak up life and it comes out… but I think we have very different influences musically. Like Karl is really in to Bob Dylan and all those singers from way back when, sort of Brit pop type music. I’ve been influenced by people like Madonna, U2, quite poppy type of bands but also rock, like Oasis and things like that. All of like The Beatles type of thing. We have a really eclectic mix of influences.


(BestFan): You’re in Toronto right now taking part in NXNE music festival, is this your first time participating in this event?

(Annelies): No actually last year was our first time, and we played at the Elmcombo as well and we were voted Top 10 Critics Choice’ of NXNE so that was really cool.


(BestFan): What does being a part of NXNE mean to you as a group?

(Annelies): Oh it’s brilliant! I mean it’s really cool to come abroad, you know… It’s like going on a holiday in a way. But to be honest, Toronto is a really cool city and there’s a lot of music here and to be apart of something so established, you know NXNE is known all over the world, and to be part of that and to be asked to play is an honour. We take it seriously and we’re so honoured that we’re here… and yeah, it’s really cool.


(BestFan): What has been one of Kovak’s best experiences thus far?

(Annelies): We done some really cool gigs, and once we were playing this spot in the UK and there were about a thousand people there, and they were all dressed up in neon party clothes. They were all in fluorescent clothing and it was a completely mental night. It was just one of those gigs where we all thought we were going to explode at the end of it because it was so much fun. Yeah that was a really great experience.


(BestFan): If you could go back in time, would there be anything you would change?

(Annelies): Oh my…(laughter) Oh boy I don’t know, you’ve put me on the spot. I don’t know let me ask the boys….

(Karl): I’d probably try and keep Elvis Presley alive, Keith Moon from the Who and John Bono and I would put them in a chest or a trunk, tie it up and keep it until about 1982, release them and see how they fair in the 80’s, you know.


(BestFan): What are you a best fan of?

(Karl): I can tell you that…it’s the new Dodge Challenger! Yeah, me and Darren, we especially like the old 60’s American muscle cars, like early Lincolns and stuff…and they remade the Challenger. It looks like the old 60’s early 70’s Challenger but they made a new one. We want one each, and also the 1970 Cadillac Eldorado. They are a bit large to drive in England and the petro there is very expensive there.


(BestFan): Would you guys get the same colours in the cars?

(Karl): I don’t know, I think Darren would go for a red one…Yeah we’d both go for a red one. We’re brother Darren and me, you know… we were born on the same day four years apart. That’s extremely good timing…from my parents.


(BestFan): What can we expect from Kovak in the future?

(Karl): Lots of music, lots of dancing, lots of running around. The album is coming out very early next year. We have another two singles coming out this year, which means doing more videos. The next thing we’ll be doing is focusing on the next single’s video, which will involve a lot of fun and a lot of dance.

– End of Interview –





Conducted and Transcribed by Rebecca Amare

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