Interview With: Abandon All Ships


BestFan TV correspondent, Rebecca Amare, caught up with Angelo from Abandon All Ships. He opens up about tour & studio life, just how crazy they are at home in Toronto and their latest album Infamous! Check out the interview below!

Rebecca: How did you guys meet?


Angelo: We met in high school in 2004, but we didn’t start the band until 2006.



Rebecca: How did you guys end up getting featured on disband and describe the impact the show had on your success?


Angelo: We got asked to do the show for Much Music. It definitely did something for us, but we were a band for long time before that and we were touring all the time. We were trying to get the groundwork done, and we were showcased to the whole of Canada, some labels took interests and that’s how the story goes, I guess.


Rebecca: Do you like life on tour or being in the studio better and why?


Angelo: Studio! I’d much rather being in a studio than on tour. I like making music that’s why I’m doing this right? I love performing too but the downfall is that you’re away from your family and friends and you lose touch with people.


Rebecca: You guys have had some band member’s changes, how has that affected the flow of the band’s progress?


Angelo: To be honest with you, it speeds up the progress of the band. We weren’t getting along and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do but it’s for the benefit of the future. I’m glad that all the people in the band right now are happy.  I love the record that we wrote together. (We’re) feeling more comfortable with the people (we’re) surrounded by and it’s a more positive space. Helps you figure out who you are better. You get to find out who your true friends are. Some people are just there for the ride or have ulterior motives, you know?


Rebecca: What’s the vibe you want people to walk away with when then they hear the record ‘Infamous’?


Angelo: I want them to walk away feeling different… I don’t care what they feel, as long as they feel something. I honestly enjoy all the negativity people have for our band, I think it’s cool to see, you know? I just hope people understand where we’re coming from. The record’s pretty personalized; there are some personal topics in there that we never wanted to touch ever in any record (before). I hope people understand that this is a very honest record. The process was honest. All the people who worked one the record with us were great people and were so positive, where I didn’t really feel that way when we wrote Geeving. We wrote that when we were so young. This record is a more mature view of how we see life. As apposed to Geeving, when we were 15 to 18. We see life much differently now being in our mid 20’s.


Rebecca: Would you ever do a reality show based on your band life?


Angelo: Why not?!  Yeah, my life’s pretty interesting. We’ve got like two different lifestyles of Abandon All Ships; I call it “The secret life of Abandon All Ships”. We get into a lot of trouble in Toronto and we try to enjoy our time off as much as we can. The road life for us is so boring for us compared to our old life. People perceive us as a band that gets f***ed up all the time but we save that when we’re at home with our friends not at work, when we’re on the road. We like to have fun but we’re not that crazy.


Rebecca: What are you a bestfan of?


Angelo: I’m a fan of being happy. I guess that it’s kind of a stupid answer but it’s true. Musically, Hip Hop; Nas, Meek Mill and Drake… and anybody from Toronto! But, I’m just really a fan of being happy because I wasn’t happy for a long time and so I’m just grateful to hold on to it, just to kind of layback and enjoy my life right now.


Rebecca: What’s up and coming for AAS?


Angelo: We’re going to keep writing records and touring and just trying to do the whole ‘band’ thing. One day it will come to an end but we’re just enjoying it while it’s here and make the most of it.



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