Interview With: Brock Zanrosso

Last week I has pleasure of speaking with my fellow Vancouverite, Brock Zanrosso over the phone.  Along with singing Rihanna together and finding out we took dance lessons at the same dance studio, I was able to get to know Brock…


(Rachel David): You got into music pretty young as you are still just 18 years old!

(Brock Zanrosso): Ya I started getting into music when I was 15.


(Rachel David:) And what was it that inspired you to get into music in the first place?

(Brock Zanrosso:) I’ve always just loved it, its always done what I’ve wanted to do, but over the years I lost the ambition thinking I wouldn’t be able to actually DO it! and then I tried out for a reality show out in Vancouver then moved to Toronto and now I’m doing this!


(Rachel David) And what was the reality show?

(Brock Zanrosso) The Next Star, its for 15 years old and under, a kid show thing, and from then on I’ve been doing my own thing.  Alyssa Ried, Charlie, Victoria Duffield all came from there…


(Rachel David) Speaking of Victoria Duffield she is a dancer and YOU actually have some moves of your own,  watching “Perfect Storm” you are incorporating a lot of dance,  was that something you took lessons for?

(Brock Zanrosso) I’ve taken a few lessons at Harbour Dance in Vancouver, but I’ve never ACTUALLY done it since I was young, I’ve just been re-immersed in it lately because I have a lot of friends who are dancers and they’ve worked on me with my choreography and everything and I’ve been learning as I go.  Its definitely a huge aspect of my shows,  Its my favorite part of performing because the dance numbers are so much fun, it makes the crowd energized!


(Rachel David) Watching your video for Perfect Storm,  I cant help but feel a Blake Mcgrath, Adam Lambert influence.  Have you heard that before?

(Brock Zanrosso) Yes I have,  and with the old stuff that’s what I was doing, but now I want to take the styling forward and make it really edgy, fashion forward.  The new music is dub step influenced, but with a pop influence as well and dance.  It’s really cool and different.


(Rachel David) I know you also worked with Shawn Desman,  who are some other people you’d love to work with?

(Brock Zanrosso) I always say Rihanna! Because she is my number one and if I could work with her I’d probably pass out…and then scream!


(Rachel David) What’s your favorite Rihanna song?

(Brock Zanrosso) Right now…”Where have you been” …after seeing that video I’m like she is so on top of things and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

(Rachel and Brock break out into singing Rihanna)


(Rachel David) What’s happening next for you?

(Brock Zanrosso) I’m probably moving to Toronto in September, to feel out this city, and I’m looking for management and a record label that will really push my marketing because it’s hard to do independently and that’s what I’ve been doing so far. Its definitely a hard process when you’re doing it independently.  Its a lot of time, effort, money, everything!  I’m looking to keep releasing new music and new videos, and do all that stuff for sure.


Rachel’s Random Round!


(Rachel David) Favorite TV show?

(Brock Zanrosso) 90210


(Rachel David) Favorite Canadian Artist?

(Brock Zanrosso) Drake


(Rachel David) Guilty Pleasure Song?

(Brock Zanrosso) As Long As You Love Me – Justin Bieber


(Rachel David) Boxers or Briefs?

(Brock Zanrosso) Briefs


(Rachel David) Brunch or Linner?

(Brock Zanrosso) Brunch for SUREEE


(Rachel David) What are you a BestFan of?

(Brock Zanrosso) Rihanna!  She’s always #1 on my list!


-End of Interview-

Brock was great to talk to!  I wish nothing but amazing things for him and his career and I hope he can one day work with Rihanna…and faint…then scream!…( he better film it so I can watch in amusement!)

xo Rachel David

Website: Twitter: @Brockzan Facebook: Brock Zanrosso Youtube: BrockZan

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