Interview With: Colin Munroe

Hey everyone, Rachel David here!  Last week I got a chance to speak with talented Canadian musician Colin Munroe over the phone.  I found him incredibly interesting and down to earth. Below is our one on one interview.


(Rachel David) I have to begin with a “weather icebreaker”. If you had to choose between living in REALLY REALLY hot weather or REALLY REALLY cold weather, which would you choose?


(Colin Munroe) If it was humid hot I would have to take the cold but if it was dry heat then I would take the heat.


(Rachel David) How did you first get into music?  I know you went to art school in grade 9, maybe you can expand on that a little?


(Colin Munroe) Well it wasn’t even art school that got me started.  I had started years before that because I grew up home schooled.  With a bunch of kids in a house together, you really don’t get much time to yourself. I would play these instruments people had around the house and the drums in particular. I could make a lot of noise on them and people would stay away and I’d put my headphones on and put on some records and that was my escape. That was my window into the outside world.


(Rachel David) When was it that you decided I’m going to do this professionally?


(Colin Munroe) I decided it before I knew decided to. I started making decisions about moving to Toronto.  I was coming out here for university but It wasnt really about university. I was looking for doors into the music industry. I think the first time I got a real genuine response from someone in the industry saying I was doing something amazing was when I went “WOW, I can actually do this”.


(Rachel David) Who was the first response from?


(Colin Munroe) Well, there’s actually an entertainment lawyer by the name of Blair Holder,  he used to work for Chris Taylor (a well known entertainment lawyer). I haven’t talked to him in years. I think he may have been the first one in the industry that said come in show me some music and every now and then I’d go to his office and play him some of my music and it grew from there. I started meeting different people around town.


(Rachel David) If you can, describe your journey in the music industry over the last few years. 


(Colin Munroe) [Pause] An adventure!  There are highs and lows, twists and turns, friends that turn out to be enemies and enemies that become friends.  I think as of the past while the tales been a bit of a dark tale with business problems and unfortunate label situations and hopefully now it’s turning a new page.  For me it feels like a constant battle of being the underdog, knowing whatever circumstance im in I’m a bit of a misfit and a bit of “hmmm, what should we do with this?” ,  “he’s good but can he do this or that?” I always feel like I have something to prove.


(Rachel David) What made you want to remix Kanye’s song “Flashing Lights” ?


(Colin Munroe)It was more of just a fun thing to do. I was listening to the album top to bottom and that song was the one that jumped out at me.  For whatever reason I felt that I should do something different with it, almost like “If I was Kanye…this is what I woulda done”  I’m a big fan of the original and I like what I’ve done to it.


(Rachel David) You’ve worked with some big names including Divine Brown, Kardinal Offishall, Drake, Travie McCoy and this list goes on!  What do you creatively do you vibe with the best?


(Colin Munroe) Whenever Drake and I get on something together it seems to just work and people seem to really like it. To tell you the truth, we’ve never even recorded in the same studio together! But, it seems to work.  As far as being IN studio with someone I was really able to connect with RZA.  He’s very intellectual, but also very human and in touch with the raw elements of music and a very articulate speaker.


(Rachel David) Tell me about Fight of My Life ft Pusha T,  what inspired it?


(Colin Munroe) That was definitely something that was written when I had been dropped from Motown, and everything went quiet and I wasn’t allowed to put anything out, and my hands were tied with music that I couldnt put out.  It literally felt like I was fighting for my life for some sort of career, some sort of anything.


(Rachel David) What’s happening next for you?


(Colin Munroe) My mixtape is coming out in a month and a half and its my re-introduction to the world.


(Rachel David) What are you a BestFan of?


(Colin Munroe) Movie theatres,  when I step into a movie theatre,  even before the movie starts I get this feeling in my stomach, its almost spiritual. I have a real strong bond to movies and movie theatres. I have certain people I will go see movies with and people I wouldn’t.


(Rachel David) Did you go to movie theatres a lot as a child with a grandparent or someone sentimental?


(Colin Munroe) Not a lot. I had a pretty strict upbringing. I really didn’t start going to movies until I was in high school. I don’t know if it has to do with finding my independence and individuality or something about creating a place, a whole world where people can do so many amazing thing and take you away from the place you’re in.

-End of Interview-

I went to go check 0ut Colin performing at Wrongbar Nightclub last Saturday night.  Along with his captivating performance he brought out some heavy weights in the music industry.  It’s safe to say Colin has turned another page and I’m excited to see where the rest of the story takes him.

xo Rachel David

Colin Munroe: Website  Twitter  Facebook  YouTube

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