Interview With: The Hives

Our BestFan TV correspondent Ian Cameron caught up with Chris Dangerous, drummer of The Hives to discuss their new album Lex Hives, their crazy live shows, and their future plans!



Ian: Your new album Lex Hives came out this month, tell me a bit about it!

Chris: Well we produced it all ourselves, we did everything ourselves basically. We just hired some help for post record mastering. It was a very different record for us because the one before that, the black and white album much of it was produced and recorded in I don’t know how many countries. This one is only recorded in Sweden. There is a lot of new stuff we haven’t experienced with before on here and its probably the record with the most Hives. We named it Lex Hives too because that’s basically all The Hives you could get out of us, and we wanted to do everything ourselves. We had saxophones in a couple of our songs and we couldn’t play saxophones with our other instruments. But it was as much Hives as we were capable of doing you know.



Ian: How would you define The Hives?

Chris: I describe The Hives as pretty much what you hear on all the songs. It’s a band that wants to play without any sort of live track if you will. We don’t do any pre-recorded stuff or anything like that. We like to be very organic and we’re getting pretty f*cking good at what you’re listening too.



Ian: What was your favourite song on the album?

Chris: It differs from day to day but of course but a lot of songs like “Go Right Ahead” but like I love the songs “Patrolling Days,” “Midnight Shifter,” and “These Spectacles Reveal the Nostalgics”.  Theres just something about that song, I don’t know what it is.



Ian: Your live shows get pretty crazy sometimes, whats the craziest thing that has ever gone down?

Chris: The craziest thing that ever happened was back in August of last year Pelle climbed up the lighting rig, fell off of it and passed out, it was very serious. We had to cancel the show after because he had a concussion. That I think was the craziest thing.



Ian: What process do you have for writing an album, did you run into any difficulties making Lex Hives?

Chris: After the last show, we pretty much start working on the new album straight away. Sometimes some songs come pretty easily to us, and then we just have to perfect them. Sometimes not so much, we go through and try every f*cking way of doing everything for months and months until we know we cant do it any better. It takes a long time to do a number of songs. The actual recording of the songs are pretty fast then its just getting the right sound out of the each instrument and the band as a whole. When we actually press record it takes one of two takes but we have rehearsed the songs a million times before that.



Ian: Back when you guys were 17 you said you took a blood oath to record 3 albums of 30 minute punk rock and no body would get to leave until it was done, so now that you have well surpassed that, whats next?

Chris: Yeah 3 records, we set that kind of early. Over time we just got better and better at doing what we do. Right now we have so many good ideas that we couldn’t even fit on Lex Hives. I see another album in the future, but we love to play and tour so that will come first. But we can all see that we want to make one more album at least. There’s no point in stopping if your good at it what you do.




Check out more from The Hives at their website [here] and here’s their latest video for “Go Right Ahead”!


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