Interview With: Tamia

BestFan TV Correspondent Rebecca Amare caught up with international R&B superstar Tamia. She tells us about the keys to a long lasting relationship, her latest single Beautiful Surprise, and what she’s a BestFan of. Check it out below!

Rebecca: I’ve never heard anyone speak ill of you…what is it about you that people connect with and love?

Tamia: I don’t know…I mean I’ve always tried to stay true to myself and stay true to the music. I’m sure if you ask enough people, you’d find them (laughs).



Rebecca: You are a very strong woman and of course you are a mom of two girls. What is some advice that you would give to other young girls, particularly to young girls of color, that you feel has been and is being neglected in this day and age?


Tamia: I would definitely say that black is beautiful and that confidence comes from within. I think that it’s important that as mothers and as women, that we encourage our young girls to strive for better, to have confidence within themselves. As an artist as well, we need to really stress the importance of confidence and that it starts at a young age, it’s just so important that we instill that in them.



Rebecca: Beautiful surprise is your latest single. What inspired this song?


Tamia: Beautiful surprise was written by Claude Kelly and myself, produced by Salaam Remi. We were in the studio and working together, it kind of came when we were just talking and playing, and Claude went in the booth and started on what we now know as Beautiful Surprise. It just came from a happy and organic place in the studio, just having a good time and it really just wrote itself.




Rebecca: Besides music, what are you passionate about?


Tamia: Well, Grant (Hill) and I do several things with our charities, whether that’s Habitat For Humanities, Hope Kids, National MS Society or The Arts. We had an exhibit tour for three years not to long ago, and we sponsored inner city kids to come to the art exhibit and things like that. So I think it’s important that you sort of broaden kids horizons and that’s something that were passionate about that’s outside of music.



Rebecca: You have been married for 13 years, together for 15. What is the key to a long lasting relationship?


Tamia: First of all I think every relationship is different, but to me it’s not only between a man and a woman, but with your kids, with your girlfriends, I think the key is communication and honesty. I think that is important in a relationship to be able to communicate your feelings on an honest level.


Rebecca: How do you maintain the perfect balance between openness and privacy?


Tamia: Well now with social media it’s a little bit harder to maintain your privacy…but it’s important to have balance in all things that we do. I try my best to keep things that I want private, private. If I want to get the message out there, thanks to social media, it’s a lot easier to do that.


Rebecca: You’ve been in the business for quite awhile now…and just like people change, so does the business. Is it exhausting keeping up it? How do you maintain the marathon?


Tamia: You know, the business is definitely ever changing. You definitely have to adjust to the times. It can be exhausting at times but it’s definitely also rewarding. You know this is my second independent project and I know that what I put into it, I’m going to get back tenfold. So I think that it’s been an exciting experience, exciting time. It’s exhausting but it’s exciting at the same time. You’re seeing your passion project that you’ve been working on really start to take shape and it’s a great thing to see.



Rebecca: What are you a BestFan of?


Tamia: I’m a BestFan on meeting people, preforming, this aspect of what the business is about. Getting people, singing music that relates to people on a heart to heart level. So I’m a BestFan of music that speaks to the heart.



Rebecca: Your album release is Aug 28th… What else can we expect from you in the future?


Tamia: Well definitely look for the album coming August 28th and you can actually preorder it from iTunes on July 31st. I’m working on a tour as well, so look for that maybe to come around September/October.




We look forward to the beautiful surprises Tamia has included on her new album later this month. Be sure to get a copy of her new album and support this incredible vocal talent.

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