Interview With: Yelawolf

I had the privilege of speaking with Yelawolf twice this year and it was great to speak with him just the other week and catch up over the phone. We had a little chat about his relationship with Eminem, which of his celeb friends he would invite on a double date and what he enjoys doing on his time off.


Rachel: I saw a video online of you going back to People’s Park in Berkley, just skating around going back to where you used to live. Can you tell me about that experience and feeling in that time of your life?


Yelawolf: Those times, I was pretty much just a skate rat. I was just coming out of being that and waking up to realize that I want to do something with my life other than chase bate dreams, and house parties and all that. I hit rock bottom out there. I made a real drastic decision and I didn’t realize then how drastic back then. I made the decision that I wanted to do music. I left Berkley on the 20th of December in about 2001 and by New Years Eve I was in Seattle. I literally left Berkley and went to Alabama, then I took a Greyhoud bus to Seattle to then get on a boat to go to Alaska just to get money. It was like below 20 degree weather out there. It was some scary shit out there!


Rachel: What was the scariest thing that happened?


Yelawolf: My boat almost sank! A bunch of stuff- that’s a whole other movie! Have you ever seen Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel? People get on the little boats and go out to the sea to get all the seafood to catch it! That’s basically what we did. Didn’t work out so well.


Rachel: One of your bestfans wants to know, what traits would you say you have in common with Eminem?


Yelawolf:  Being relentlessness, probably. I’d say like fearlessness or relentlessness. Maybe even temper? That one’s based on what I’ve done and what I’ve heard what he’s done. Maybe a sense of humour too. I guess we have a lot of eerie similarities.


Rachel: You were on CSI, but one of your bestfans wants to know, what is your dream acting role?


Yelawolf: I don’t really have a dream acting role. That kind of just came about. I wasn’t looking to do anything like that and if it comes around then cool. I actually got my first script this year but I turned it down because the role was so corny. Some movie with Nicholas Cage.


Rachel: What is the biggest misconception about Yelawolf?


Yelawolf: That I’ve made it. That I’m successful. That I got money. That everything is “okay” now. When people think that it’s a pet peeve of mine. Like, fuck you! It bothers me that people think I’m at the point where I could actually put somebody on. People requesting that they be put on. I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I’m so far from that. But that is the biggest misconception.


Rachel: You do a lot of interviews, I’d love to know what the most annoying question is that you get asked?


Yelawolf: Where my name comes from. I have answered that question a thousand times. The interviewer is like a lost art, like people don’t understand that there’s a real art form to be able to talk to anyone, and artist or a director or anyone. If you’re interviewing somebody it doesn’t matter what they do, finding a way to ask interesting questions, it’s sort of a lost art. Although I never really get tired of answering questions, I just feel sort of disrespected in a way when people ask certain questions. If that is someone’s profession then you have done no research about me. It’s like applying for a job and not knowing anything about the company. Get out of here!



Rachel: I know you have your mixtape, but what are you putting out right now that the fans can get their hands on?


Yelawolf: I just dropped “Heart of Dixie”, DJ Frank White and myself. Coming up is going to be “Psycho White” which is myself and Travis Barker, on a 5 song EP we put together. Following that is “Trump Music Returns”. “Country Cousins” is now going to be in the works. And then 2013 we’re coming back around with “Love Story”. So a lot of music coming.


Rachel: You’re always putting out so new stuff! Are you constantly working do you find?


Yelawolf: Yes. Pretty much. I don’t really know anything else. I’ve been doing it for so long that if spin off it’s like I’m loosing something. Loosing hours is like my biggest nightmare. But yeah, I’m always working for sure.


Rachel: When you do have off time though what do you like to do?


Yelawolf: Definitely family and just skateboarding and chillin. My mind never really fully leaves music. That’s a gift and a curse. If I have a vacation or even dinner or something, sometimes I’ll drift off into what I could be doing. It’s just the way I am.


Rachel: Out of your famous friends Wiz KahlifaPaul Rodriguez and Travis Barker, who would you call to go on a double date with?


Yelawolf: [Laughs] Oh my god! I would never do that. Never! None of them fools! That is just so not cool. [In high-pitched voice] “Hey man how about a double date?” Naw. That is a question I have yet to ask, and I can’t see myself asking any of my homies, to go on a double date with me.



-End of Interview-

Yelawolf: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Website





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