Interview With: Michael Rault

I recently spoke with musician Michael Rault,  an artist known for merging the past with the present, while sprinkling in some of the future. Michael Rault has an old school, 60’s sound that people gravitated towards while listening to his 2010 record MA-ME-O.  Now BestFan’s of Michael are able enjoy to his latest EP Whirlpool.


Rachel – I’ve been looking on the internet and I can’t seem to find too much about your past.  Can you tell me a little bit about how you got your start?


Michael – Ya sure. My family are all musicians so I was just surrounded by music a lot when I was younger, then I started getting in to punk when I was a teenager and started playing in bands when I was 15.  and when I was 16 I started my first solo project and we played all around alberta and I put out a few eps.  I originally started playing solo. Completely solo with a tambourine around my foot!  And now its kinda built up to playing with a full band around me during my sets.


Rachel- I know you are very musical. Did you take band in school?  Because I know you play a lot of different instruments.


Michael- I did for a little while,  Until about junior high and then I ended up dropping out of band class.  So for the most part I haven’t been formally trained but I learned most of my stuff from my parents.  They’re both professional musicians.


Rachel – Why did you drop out of band class!?


Michael- Uhh I dunno (laughs). It wasn’t really my scene I wasn’t really enjoying it completely.  I also was mainly focused on playing guitar and there wasn’t guitar in band class so I was playing percussion. I learned a bit about drums but I kinda felt bad because I wasn’t practicing it very often so I felt like I needed to just quit because I wasn’t ever working on what they wanted me to work on.


Rachel – So you started playing guitar,  which instrument is your favourite to play now?


Michael- Still guitar probably,  however I love playing base.  I probably ENJOY playing base and drums more because I don’t get to do it very often.  But I definitely am most proficient in guitar.


Rachel- I can tell you are very influenced by 60’s rock music.


Michael- A lot of people I’m really into R&B and soul from the 60’s  like Lee Dorsey and I’m really into the Stones and Beatles and the Trogs.  The 60’s is a particular decade I have a affinity for that I can really get into.


Rachel- What is it about the 60’s that you gravitate towards do you think?


Michael- I’m not really sure,  there was a cultural explosion in the 60’s. It seems it was a time when a lot of different factors came together to creat ethe perfect the environment to create really interesting music between the recording technology it was booming at that point in time so people were experimenting, and thee were cultural factors with segregation and thing like that..and war. I’m sure it was some of those things that made people come together and make great music.


Rachel – Now your first album MAM-ME-O came out in 2010 and now your brand new EP Whirlpool is out.  Why did you call is Whirlpool and how has your sound changed?


Michael- I called it Whirlpool because I kinda thought it sounded cool.  I was putting different songs together on my computer as different demos (which became the ep) and I just titled it Whirlpool and then when it came time release it I decided the name was a good idea.  And the sound is basically raw – garage kinda stuff.  It was recorded mostly at home studio so its a little bit more “garage-y” I suppose.


Rachel’s Random Round


Rachel- What are you a BestFan of?


Michael- Lee Dorsey


Rachel- Which Beatle would you be?


Michael- John Lennon


Rachel- Are you a Jet Setter or Home Body


Michael- Jet Setter


Rachel- Celebrity Crush?


Michael- Scarlett Johansson


Rachel- Coolest Person you have met?


Michael- I got to me Solomon Burke once.


Rachel- And what did you tell you?


Michael- He told me to stay out of gangs, stay in school and don’t go drugs.

-End of Interview-

Michael Rault:  Twitter,  Facebook, Youtube, Website




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