FNO Fall Jewellery Trends

Shoes, clothes, jewellery, hair, beauty, accessories… So many amazing things at this year’s Fashion’s Night Out, and for the first time ever, we got to experience it right here in Toronto!


Fashion’s Night Out is a global initiative that celebrates fashion from around the world, supports local designers and boutiques and bring out some of the best that the city has to offer (which ever city you’re in). Tonight marked the 4th annual night of FNO, which originated in New York City and for the first time ever was also brought to Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The night consists of celebs, designers, models, fashionistas, runway shows, launches, events and best of all- the stores are open late too! This gives people the chance to either plan out specific locations or “hot-spots” that they want to visit, or the ability to cruise certain areas of the city and just see what’s out there.


As we went around, what we absolutely couldn’t get enough of was the hand crafted one of a kind items available to buy. Yes, a few things were pretty pricey- but most of them were definitely worth it. There were hand crafted clothes, accessories and much, much more.


Some of my personal favourite items throughout the entire night was definitely the jewellery. Many designers were standing right next to their collections, which made it extremely interesting to learn about how each item was hand crafted and about the unique materials used. There was everything from snake skin rings, to acorn looking necklaces, to bullets and more. FNO is at the perfect time of the year because it preps everyone for the hottest trends for fall and allows you to get ahead of the curve too. Here are a few things that we saw for the season:


Fall Jewellery Trends for Men/Women:


#1: Chains.

We don’t just mean a small single chain around your neck. We’re talking about go bold or go home with chains this season. There are two chain trends that we noticed; Large, chunky chains entwined with other materials such as leather, (or even a ribbon for a more feminine look). Also layered, lengthy chains that dangle and lay in unexpected places (such as dangling down your back, or over the shoulders). These bold chains should be paired with simple tops, because the jewellery should act as the focal point. For men, definitely incorporate chains into other accessories, such as satchels, wallets and belts as well.






#2: Spikes.

This look is definitely daring and dangerous! Studs have been pretty big for a while, but we’re seeing them in different places and even more in jewellery today too. When you think of a statement piece, you think of something that jumps out at you and grabs your attention. We noticed that studs and spikes need to do just that and physically pop out at you. Yes it can be a little risky and dangerous around others, but it’s a look that’s still pretty badass! Instead of flat stud earrings, opt out for a stud that spikes outwards instead. Instead of a flat necklace, try one with pointy studs that stand off of the chest, or one with more dimention. One of my favourite pieces that I picked up at FNO was from a local jewellery designer label, M. Sexton, which featured leather and snake skin accessories decked out in spikes. (Check it out below) It’s pretty simple right? But it’s bold and stands out (literally) amongst most of the jewellery in my collection. Check out the designer’s website [here].



Note: If you’re a little nervous about protruding accessories, try triangles instead. Triangle necklaces, rings, earrings, buckles etc. They have the same edgy effect but they are a little more subtle too.




#3. Rustic/Natural

When Fall rolls around we often start seeing gold, copper and pewter metals out much more. This year is no different. We did find however that having a piece that looks a little more worn or rustic stands out much more this season. We also noticed that natural or earthy materials are very popular as well, such as wood, quartz, opal etc. I’ve lumped these into the same category because I believe they are “trends” for the same reason. They look authentic and handmade therefore more unique. It’s a look that will still be able to separate you from others, because the more worn or natural looking it is, the more one of a kind it seems. I also believe that out of the 3, this look is the easiest for men to pull off. Guys, if you’re looking for inspiration for accessories, check out Vitaly [here]. Trust me, their stuff is amazing (and local too).




Overall Toronto’s first FNO event was pretty successful. We do wish there was more time to explore all the areas of the city, but I guess we’ll just have to wait until next year. I hope that these accessories tips were helpful, and be sure to let us know if you end up getting any amazing pieces over on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks, and stay fashionable my friends!




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