Interview With: Tenille

BestFan TV Correspondent Rebecca Amare caught up with country star Tenille! She tells us about when she first picked up a guitar, who it would be her dream to open for and what she’s a BestFan of.

Check it out below!

Rebecca: Nominated for CCMA last year along side some big names, what did that feel like that?

Tenille: That was such an incredible honor! I will never forget receiving that phone call and hearing about the final ballot nominations and totally dropping to the floor. I’ve watched the CCMA’s for so long and looked up to all of those ladies. They’re incredible Canadian female icons and a huge inspiration in their vocals, performances and songwriting and just to be among the names of those incredible females was such an honor.


 Rebecca: When did you first start writing songs?

Tenille: I remember receiving my first guitar at 14 years old from my grandparents, and after I learning 3 chords I automatically started writing. It feels like it’s always been a part of who I am. I found that once that musical instrument stepped came into place, it became so much easier to put my thoughts into lyrics. It’s completely a huge part of who I am and one of my favorite elements of this entire musical journey. I just really love the songwriting process.


Rebecca: What is it about country music that you really connect to?

Tenille: I know this sounds really typical but a lot of people would say that the storytelling element is such a part of country music that draws people towards it and I totally agree. I think that it has a way of spreading messages and the audiences that listen to it are people that are reachable. I really love that about Country music; the audience and the way it connects to people are what are really great about.


Rebecca: You’re only 18…how do you balance your music, going school, family and all the things that can demand so much of your time?

Tenille: Yeah, it’s definitely is a balancing act! But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I was able to go to school fulltime and to get that all around experience of being a regular kid in calculus class was totally awesome. My teachers were really supportive of the entire adventure even though I had a horrible attendance record but they were still really supportive about it. High school was such a blast. My family is everything to me, they are my strength… all of they’re love and support is what keeps me real and makes this experience happen. I have amazing parents who are always behind me 110%. I have an enormous extended family that is always there for me, rain or shine, at my shows! So I couldn’t do it without them. It’s definitely a balancing all of these elements of an 18 year old life but I would not have it any other way… I love it!


Rebecca: Tell me a little about the fundraiser you started: Big Hearts for Big Kids.

Tenille: That was started 4 years ago for the Youth Emergency Shelter in Grande Prairie. I remember how the statistics truly blew my mind about how many kids my age in my own community were turning to shelters because home wasn’t a safe place to turn to. I had to do something about it and music came to be the answer for that. So I turned to artists that I had made connections with to put together a benefit concert for since the shelter was in serious need of help with funding. So many people opened up their huge hearts and that is why this has been such a huge success. We raised close to $200 000 and it’s been such a life-changing experience and I’m so grateful for that opportunity and really excited to watch this even grow throughout the years.


Rebecca: Opened for a quite a few different artists, who would be your dream open for?

Tenille: That’s such a cool question! I would have to say Shania Twain. It’s a really interesting story…when I was 9 years old I went to her concert and I had a sign that said “Shania, can I please sing with you?” and I ended up getting pulled up on stage by fluke and I got to sing with her and I’ll never forget standing beside my biggest idol and thinking, ‘this is SO what I want to do some day, I cant wait!’ …and to pull up some little 9 year old girl and do the same thing. So if I had an opportunity to open for someone it would be Shania just to thank her for the dream that she dreamed for me.


Rebecca: What are you a best fan of?

Tenille: I am a bestfan of music that reaches out to people and makes a difference!


Rebecca: What’s up and coming for you?

Tenille: Well, I have a brand new single out right now. It’s a new tune I had a blast recording in Nashville and I’m really excited about working towards a future album. We’ve done 6 tracks and a few more to go this fall to record looking forward to that and also looking forward to a school tour in the fall in Alberta!



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