Interview With: Kira Isabella



Rebecca: How excited are you for you upcoming tour with Carrie Underwood?


Kira: Oh my goodness, it starts on October 1st! I’m so excited and I can imagine it’s going to be pretty awesome!


Rebecca: How did that come about, how did you connect with Carrie?


Kira: Well actually I have an incredible team of people around me and they’ve been working on this for quite some time. They knew Carrie was going on her tour and so they were bugging her manager about me and making sure that he knew who I was, and we actually did the same festival. She played Boots & Hearts Festival and I did too and I guess her manager got the chance to see my show or hear about my show and liked it and yeah… history from there.


Rebecca: Congratulations on your Canadian Country Music Award! Tell me about the experience of going up there and accepting the award; did you expect to win at all?


Kira: Oh my goodness, no! That’s the thing…I literally was not expecting to win at all. I mean, I was so honored just to be nominated and have the chance to perform and I got to sit on the floor with all the other amazing artists, so I really wasn’t expecting it all. I turned around to hug Dallas Smith, cause he was sitting right behind me, and they said my name! My jaw hit the floor. I was pretty nervous to go up and thank people because I had only given it a little bit of thought but I think I got everyone though. It was such a good week; I had such an amazing week. It was the best week of my life to date so far!


Rebecca: Have you always known you wanting to sing as a career?


Kira: Absolutely! I would say that I probably decided that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life the first time I got on stage, when I was like 7 years old. I just knew…like ‘ugh I have to do this forever’. I’ve been blessed enough to do it for people who actually want to watch, which is incredible.


Rebecca: Were you ever afraid to get up in front of a crowd?


Kira: Not really. I was always kind of that cousin in the family who would pull up a chair and stand on it and start singing on family demand. I’ve always been that kind of kid. I remember being so nervous the first time I had to get on stage and sing in front of other people and my mom was like ‘you know, you don’t have to do this’ and I said ‘I know, but I feel like I want to so bad’. So I guess in that moment I told myself, you have to get over it because it will be so much more worth it in the long run.


Rebecca: Is it hard to balance your career and school at the same time?


Kira: Well I just graduated last year, so it’s been a lot easier because I’ve been totally focusing on my music since then. But when I was in high school, it was a bit difficult. Definitely had to travel a lot and I’d get behind, but it was totally worth it.


Rebecca: Who were your idols growing up, was Carrie Underwood one of them?


Kira: That’s the thing…if you asked me two years ago who my idols were, I would have said Carrie Underwood! I’m not even kidding. To be on tour with her is like literally a dream come true! But I also love Taylor Swift. I really admire her as a writer. I love Sarah Braxton, and really just all the women in country music like Faith Hill. I saw Martyna McBride live, oh my gosh, she was incredible!



Rebecca: I love your video A Little More Work, what does it take for a guy to get your attention…what’s the more work he has to do?


Kira: Oh my gosh I don’t know, I haven’t had a boyfriend in forever! Haha! He just has to be a nice guy, you know? I think you can really tell the way that I guy is, not just about the way he treats people that are on his level but the way he treats people that are not his equals. I really don’t like guys that will put other people down, but a stand up guy. That’s what I like.


Rebecca: You’re only 18, so, if you ever write about a guy and you’re family hears it, do you ever get grilled about it afterwards?


Kira: Definitely, for sure! I’m really close with my mom, I talk to her about everything but they definitely ask me questions, for sure. Oh my gosh! That’s the thing, you have to be not afraid of that. You have to be not afraid to just put it out there and people are going to ask you, yes! But, it’s better to right about those things, for sure.


Rebecca: What do you think you would be if you weren’t a singer?


Kira: I tell people that if I was never successful in music, I would still be something musical. When I was in high school, before I got signed to Sony and things got really serious, I of course was thinking about what I was going to do after high school. I was thinking about music industry arts or broadcasting. I’ve always really loved kids also, so if I didn’t do music, I would definitely be a teacher of some sort or have a daycare. I really love little kids. I’d rather be with little kids then almost anyone. They’re more fun!


Rebecca: Do you have any pet peeves?


Kira: I really hate when people chew with their mouth open!


Rebecca: What are you a BestFan of?


Kira: Well actually I’ve been spending a lot of time in Toronto, and I just found this store called Original, it’s on Queen St. West. It’s such an incredible store! I spend like four hours every time I go… I’m definitely their BestFan right now!


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