Interview With: Boy’s Noize

BestFan had the great fortune of an exclusive interview with Alexander Ridha, the face behind Boys Noize. He recently had a show in Toronto and we caught up with him to talk about touring, his latest record and what he’s a best fan of!


Vanessa: Hi Alex! I’m from BestFan and I’m wondering what you are a best fan of.


Alex: I’m always listening to a lot different stuff outside of electronic music, there’s this new Twin Shadow album I like. There’s also SCNTST, he just turned 18 and he’s a very talented producer and very fresh. I listen to a lot of old stuff too.


Vanessa: I see you have some tour dates coming up and I’m curious as to what you’re favourite part about touring is.


Alex: I love to explore new cities I’ve haven’t been to and meet interesting people. I’m sure one of the parts of getting somewhere where you don’t know where you’re at and going out and seeing things, it’s pretty cool.


Vanessa: From the YouTube videos I watched, the crowds are always going nuts when you play. What goes through your head when you see the crowd so enthralled by your music?


Alex: Oh I don’t really think that much in that moment, you just react more or less. It always gives me a great push when I see people enjoying my music and going crazy, and it makes me go crazy too. It’s more like a communication thing, and then afterwards I realized what just happened and if I just played in front of thousands of people. That always happens afterwards, but in the moment you just react and then communicate.


Vanessa: I know you’re a DJ and a producer, if you can only choose one role, which would you pick and why?


Alex: That’s not a bad question! I don’t know what I would decide. I started off as a DJ first but it was always part of evolution I believe. Before I was a DJ I was a drummer, and before that I played a little bit of piano so making music has always been my main priority. It’s the most fun in my life so it’s hard to say which part of it I would choose.


Vanessa: What’s the best part about having your own record label?


Alex: First of all to support young music talent and give them a platform for music. I love finding new, young people, fresh beats or people I’ve never heard of. The other part is of course is being independent and making decisions that you think are cool and not to rely on other people. Just to release music you like.


Vanessa: Who has been the biggest influence on your career?


Alex: Probably Thomas Bangalter, who was part of Daft Punk. He also released stuff on his own and he had his own label called Roulé. So by the time the very first Daft Punk music came out he released a lot of stuff on his own as well and that was always very raw and still totally timeless. All the music he’s produced I can still play it and it’s still rocking. The way it sounds is always very inspiring to me. But also maybe Mr. Oizo, another French guy.


Vanessa: If you weren’t a successful DJ or producer, what would be your next choice of job?


Alex: I love arts in general and I’ve always wanted to try out something more visual like painting. I love architecture a lot as well so I’m sure I would end up in one of those categories. If there’s no art at all in my life, I would probably live on a farm with animals and stuff.


Vanessa: Who is your favourite person that you have collaborated with so far?


Alex: I really enjoyed making music with my friend Chilly Gonzales. He’s totally not in the electronic music world, he mainly does music with piano only and we made a full album together called Ivory Tower. It’s a bit more chilled out but it was so relaxing and he’s such a great guy and one of the most talented person I’ve ever met.


Vanessa: Is there someone you want to work with in the future?


Alex: Right now, maybe Prince?!


Vanessa: What makes your new album, Out of the Black,  different from your previous two records?


Alex: There’s a lot of new sound. It’s what I’m into right now, but of course it’s just a few new songs that I like and sound and that I’m into right now. I’m not really in a position to say its better or something. For me, it’s exactly what I wanted.


Check out the video for “Ich R U” taken from the new Out of the Black album!


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