Album Review: Justin Bieber – Believe Acoustic

The album “Believe Acoustic” marks 6 years of YouTube for Canadian recording artist, Justin Bieber. Currently, the YouTube channel has just under 2 million subscribers and over 455 million video views which he has racked over the past six years. This is the third remixed album which includes three brand new songs that were not on the “Believe” album released in June 2012. This album is able to give fans a chance to hear from Bieber himself what is going on in his life, rather than from what all the rumours tell us about him.
He tweeted on January 9 about how he “put it in the music”, and in fact, after listening to his album several times, he speaks for himself. These three new songs were recently written and are personal, something different we’re hearing of Justin Bieber. Not only was he currently on his tour, but he was also focused on writing songs for this album in the studio… Quite the multi-tasker!


Originally, the track list only had eight songs. But he then added more because he felt that 8 wasn’t enough, and of course, he stuck to his words. Unlike his most mature record and platinum release, Believe, this album includes no other artists, as the eleven tracks on the album are just Justin and his crisp acoustic guitar (just like how he got his start).


I felt it was necessary to ask some fans from Twitter about how they liked the three brand new songs. Of course, the beliebers heard the songs before the album came out. I found three fans who have preordered Believe Acoustic and also are planning/attending buyouts in their areas.


A fan from New Jersey, @kaylacoughlan expressed the top three things she loved about “Nothing Like Us”: “The top three things I loved were the lyrics, the acoustic sound, and the rawness in his voice. The lyrics very obviously came from a part of Justin that we don’t get to see often. The sound of the acoustics just emphasized the pureness of voice and the emotion in the words. The way his voice sounded, it was obvious that he was very emotional while recording this song. The song can definitely relate to me since I’ve just recently gone through a bad breakup. The lyrics put words to absolutely everything I was feeling at the time and I broke down in tears. It’s probably the most beautiful song Justin has ever written.”

A San Diego fan @eboneyxo heard “I Would” for the first time and could easily describe it in two words – pure perfection: “The beat. The lyrics. His vocals… The songs message give us just a little insight into Justin’s life. Helps you understand him just a little more & remind you that he is a normal person too.”

Another fan from Toronto, who has been a Belieber since day one, gave her reactions of the song “Yellow Raincoat”. She runs one of the biggest Bieber fan accounts on Twitter with over 404,000 followers, @belieberbabes: “When Justin sings his songs acoustically, it’s one of my favourite things to listen to and watch. It shows his raw talent, beneath all the choreography and production that you may see on tour. I can definitely picture Justin jamming out to “Yellow Raincoat,” with just a guitar, belting the lyrics from his heart. Some people are saying, “I’ll put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat/ Baby it’s keeping me dry/ I put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat/ You know exactly why,” is protecting him from the fame, and the money, and the girls. I love how Justin is always very open and honest with us, especially through his music.”

Personally, I find it amazing how a song can relate to a fan and have so much meaning to them in their own lives. The way Justin Bieber can be open with his fans is something special, something that not many artists are able to do. This album is one that I find truly honest and it will definitely stay on repeat. Reactions of fans have been extremely positive over the new album and it is expected to debut at number 1. Kudos to you Justin!


This Saturday, February 2nd, three Toronto fans including myself, and two of my friends, @nicolecampea and @belieberbabes, have planned a Toronto buyout for Believe Acoustic. A buyout is when fans go to a store and clear the shelves of a new album! Fans will have the chance to not only buy themselves an album, but also as many as they would like to donate. The CD’s will be donated to the Sick Kids Hospital. This is something we thought would make a difference and we could support our artist at the same time. For more information about the buyout visit: Justin and his crew are also aware of the buyout and have helped spread the word to many Toronto fans.

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