Interview With: The Saturdays

Kait: I had the pleasure of speaking with Rochelle of The Saturdays– the fun and upbeat English/ Irish girl group currently taking a shot at making it big in North America.


Now, Rochelle you have released 13 singles in the UK 11 of which have become top 10 hits. That’s phenomenal! Three tours and two reality shows back home, how does it feel to be so successful back home and then come over to North America and try to make it big here? What is that experience like for you?


Rochelle: It’s really refreshing its like obviously completely different for us because no one knows us here (in North America) yet so we just simply break in and are you know starting out now but its quite fun, its different sort of a new challenge for us everyday.


K: Now in your reality show the premise is that you’re going to come across the pond for three months to give it your all and see if you can make it in North America, but we are kind of two episodes in and I guess those three months have come and gone? Are you ladies back home now, or are you still in North America?


R: We’re back home now but it was kid of three months to go live there and you know get it off the ground you know we didn’t expect that it was all going to happen in three months. You know, were still going back and there is lots to do which is good!


K: That’s awesome! Could you tell me a little about your new single “What About Us?” I am personally hooked and listening to it over and over for the past couple of days! Could you share with us a little bit about the song and what it means to you guys?


R: It’s our first single in North America and were very excited about it! We shot the video in Los Angeles actually. It’s not so much of a meaning for us its more of being upbeat and catchy!


K: It seems like the five of you get along really well for 5 girls coming over and you are living in the same kind of complex. What are the roles like within the group? Is there someone who is like the mom? Or the partier? 


R: Everyone (in our group) always says I’m like the mom but I prefer them to call me a big sister (giggles).


K: Is there anyone that is like the wild one of the group?


R: Yes! Vanessa is definitely our wild child, she’s a baby and she likes to party. She’s living while she’s young, and I love that about her.


K: For you being in a group with five girls what do you think is the key to getting along while living and working so close together? How to you manage to still get along and not have those fights or disagreements- especially creatively?


R: I think the thing with us is that we all fight over the same goal at the end of the day – we’re not jealous because we all want the band to do well, so that’s more important to us. It keeps us focused and driven.


K: When you first came over you had been married for one week and then you had to leave to come and film is that right?


R: Yes, that’s right (giggles).


K: That’s crazy! What was that like for you after being married for only one week having to leave your husband and come over and do the show?


R: That was horrible for me because it was all so new and I was not happy about having to leave, but you know I’ve always been a career girl so I had to get on with it and you know suck it up. It was definitely tough transition.


K: What was that reunion like when you came home after the three months of filming and now you get to hang out with your husband again and you guys get to have that time together- what was that like?


R: Oh, amazing! So nice, so nice! You know, feels like new again kind of nice in a way that we had the break, you know?


K: Now I know that you and Frankie were in S-club 8 together, but how did The Saturdays actually come about and form as a group?


R: Well, it was a bit of coincidence really- it was quite mad.


K: I read that there was an audition process for The Saturdays is that right?


R: Yeah, that’s right! We didn’t even know that we (Frankie and I) were both going actually until the last minute and yeah we both decided to go.


K: Wow that’s awesome and you both ended up getting it and being in the group.


R: Oh yeah – thank goodness! We’re so happy to continue working together.


K: That’s awesome were you guys really good friends before in Sclub 8? 


R: Yes. Of course. Absolutely!


K: What was it like coming into the group when you and Frankie had kind of already known each other from before and then you had these other three new girls? Did you guys instantly bond or did it take some time to get used to it and form those relationships?


R: Actually we developed them you know straight away. I think that when you have goals in common you know you all love the same stuff I think its easy to gel as friends or as a group. It was also quite good that Frankie and I knew each other so we kind of felt safe in a way, you know?


K: Now your EP releases in North America this month- how are you feeling about North America experiencing your music for the first time? 


R: So excited because you know its kind of like we have put together the best of our singles from back home that we really you know love to give everyone a taste of it. It’s a thrilling moment.


K: Now for you, because of the EP releasing, a lot of those songs were super successful in the UK do you guys feel less nervous about releasing it or is it sort of like putting it out all over again? 


R: Oh, good question. Um, definitely a bit of both. I think we know that the songs that sound well. Everyone seemed to love them but yeah it does feel like we are starting again so you do get some nerves.


K: When Perez Hilton called you up and asked you to perform after the VMA’s, what was that performance like for you?


R: Well, we were very nervous. Definitely nervous! The performance went so well and the crowd was so warm and welcoming, we couldn’t have asked for a better reception. It was a great first impression on both ends.


K: Rumor has it that you are friends with the boys of The Wanted and One Direction, is this right? 


R: Yes! That’s true, yeah.


K: I feel like I have got to ask for every girl out there, do you have their phone numbers? (giggle) 


R: I do, but I can’t give them up!


K: Those are two very successful UK boy bands making it in North America, does it feel like that helps a little bit as an example that it’s possible or does it help having them here at all?


R: I mean it’s quite nice because we have bumped in to them a couple of times and it is nice to hear the accent once in a while, when you have been away from home for a little while it is really comforting. They are doing so well and we just kind of feel really proud of them. It’s reassuring and aspirational to know that our UK family is doing so well her in North America.


K: Have they given you any advice about making it in North America? 


R: You know what guys are like (giggles), they don’t really give advice. But yea, you know they say oh “ good luck” .


K:  Well in Canada we are certainly loving The Saturdays because your single “What About Us” has already made it to the top 50 on iTunes Canada. That’s huge, congratulations! 


R:  That’s really good! Oh wow – that’s good! Thank you!



K: It’s easy for people to compare 5 girls from the UK to the Spice Girls. Do like that comparison does it rub you the wrong way? 


R: It’s such a big compliment! I think everyone is always a little bit scared of that comment, but I think when its someone you know we look up to it’s like the best thing ever. We’ll take the comparison wherever we can get them!


K: Now when you came over to the United States of America were there any moments of culture shock or things that we do differently here than you do in the UK?


R:  Yes, you say “trash” instead of “bin”. Yes there are things we do differently but it’s not so much, like I feel quite at home there actually its more the wording that is different.


K: Now what has been your best moment so far?


R: I think the show (on E!) was fun. Travelling and exploring America was fun. I think we have really just had a lot of fun through the process and our journey as a group.


K: Well, thank you so much Rochelle for talking to us. It has been such a pleasure I can’t wait to see the next episodes of The Saturdays, because I’m hooked already – I can’t wait! 


R: Oh thank you so much! Thank you! Lovely speaking with you as well.



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