Interview With: Classified

Our BestFan host Devo got to catch up with rapper and producer Classified! Read below to see what they talked about and discover what Classified is a BestFan of!


Devo – A lot of us are very excited about your new music video “Pay Day.” That being said, I wanted to know if you were able to explain the concept of what “Pay Day” is really all about in your own words?


ClassifiedThe song isn’t me rapping about money, but more about the average person working hard for their money. So we had a lot of different roles and characters that were involved, for example “musicians” and “construction workers” and many more day-to-day hard working people on how they get by in society. So it was a lot of fun actually making the shoot.


Devo – What was the most challenging job to interoperate?


Classified – They weren’t really any hard roles to interoperate, but changing in and out of the costumes was kind of difficult. Also, trying to get comfortable in a disco scene like Michael Jackson, you know what I mean! But I’ve dressed up in past videos differently, but this was definitely a crazy experience.


Devo – Before your major rap career, what was your best “Pay Day” experience?


Classified – When I was at least 19 or 20, I had a computer tech job and that was a really well paying well job! I was like getting paid 45k a year!


Devo – Wow


Classified – Yeah! So when I had that job, I wasn’t looking to buy my first car, but to buy my studio! I just totally went off that first year, so I remember that! But I actually lost my job because they laid me off. I knew that kinda sucked, but then I knew that I had the opportunity to go at this rap thing hard for one year!


Devo – That’s unbelievable. Since your amazing album came out, what has your tour experience been like ?


Classified – Well it feels like we haven’t really stopped! Haha, we’ve been all over Canada, staring in March-April, and also a lot of shows on the States side from June,July and August. Summer time is when your normally have many shows and doing your thing! A lot of festivals happen around that time also. We have a few coming up in October and then we are breaking near December.


Devo – I’ve noticed that you got out of your comfort zone this album. You’ve really brought something different every time to the hip hop genre.


Classified – Yes definitely, I mean I remember an interview with Dr. Dre ten years ago and he was talking about the industry getting a little boring after doing the same thing over and over, cutting, chopping and sampling the same things. I totally understand where he was coming from. You know when you always hear the same thing about people rapping about how dope you are, and how bad you are etc…


I want to be able to bring something new, I mean I will always have the 90’s background vibe but definitely, I want to get out of my comfort zone! You always wanna step out of the box, and I mean people are either gonna love it or hate it


Devo – I agree with you, on that note I wanted to know what you were a BestFan of?


Classified – Anything?


Devo – Yes anything you want!


Classified – Ummm… Edmonton Oilers in 1988, they had the best team! It was the dream team!


Devo – Nice!!! Well thank you so much for giving us the time for interviewing you today! I deeply and truly appreciate it and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!


Keep up with Classified by following him on twitter – @classified and follow @BestFan for the latest in music news!

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