Police Raid Justin Bieber’s House

Police in California raided the home of Justin Bieber yesterday after the whole, “he egged his neighbors house” fiasco. When police got into his house and performed a search, they found a lot of alcohol and “a couple grams of cocaine,” which according to TMZ, didn’t belong to the pop star, but one of his friends who is an aspiring rap star.


So far police have said that they have a couple counts of mischief and vandalism against him but have not made any formal charges.  Now, with the string of nonsense that the Biebs pulled off in 2013, I came to my breaking point and finally posed the question, what the fuck is this kids problem?


Excuse my language, but seriously, how dumb do you have to be to not learn your lesson… three times over? The bigger problem is his obsessive fan base, which is always in denial. As an amateur journalist trying to find answers, I took to YouTube where I was beaten with angry fans who claim that “I’m just a jealous slob who cant get off their couch and do something with my life like Justin has.” Hmm I guess they’re right, but I’m okay with not having multiple charges against me in several different countries. At the end of the day, the guy has got to get his shit together, if this continues it will no longer look like a young celebrity in distress, but instead a little attention whore looking to create the next corner story on an “in touch” magazine cover.

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