Interview With: Matt Webb (of Mariana’s Trench)

Best Fan blogger Mallory Chate spoke with Matt Webb, the guitarist of Canadian rock band Marianas Trench, over a phone interview. Matt talked about his new solo EP, Right Direction, that came out Feb 4, his upcoming tour, and the process that led up to it all. Check out the entire interview below!



MALLORY: I guess my first question; our signature question is “what are you a ‘best fan’ of?”


MATT: What am I a ‘best fan’ of?


MC: Yeah, it could be anything- sports, food, a band!


MW: I would say that I’m a best fan of football, of the NFL. I had a great time this weekend watching the Super Bowl, and that’s one of my favourite things in the world to do- watch football on Sundays.


MC: Nice, were you rooting for the Seahawks?


MW: Yeah, well I was little torn this year. I had Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch in my football pool, so I was a little torn. But at the end of the day, the Seahawks are my home town team, so I was really happy to see them win.


MC: Awesome, so your EP released today, how excited are you about that?


MW: Oh, I’m so stoked. It’s awesome, it’s so nice to see so much work come together and finally be available for everyone. I was really nervous to see some of the reactions from the fans, but people seem to be pretty excited about it, which means I must have done something right. I’m really happy, it’s nice to get that out there.


MC: What was your favourite song to record on the album?


MW: Just making the whole thing was such an amazing experience, I worked with a great friend, producer, and co-writer- Kevvy Maher, and we just had a blast. I brought in some great friends to play on the record.  I brought in an awesome drummer named Alex Glassford and a bass player named Pete [Davyduck] and a piano player named Andrew [Belson] and we just had a great time. It was just a good vibe in the studio, just making music. It’s what I love to do, I don’t know if I have a favourite song on the record. “Hang Tight” is probably one of my favourites, although doing the recording  on “Heartbreakers” was really cool. It was nice to do a little duet with Kevvy on there.


MC: You guys are going on tour together, how excited are you for that?


MW: I am so excited. Starting in March we are going on tour across Canada, and we’re starting in Ontario and working our way back to Vancouver. There’s about 14 or 15 show on the tour in support of Right Direction, and Fake Shark Real Zombie is playing with us, and Jessica Lee as well. I will say this, if anybody is looking for tickets you can go onto my Facebook page which is, and there’s a ticket link there and you can grab tickets for your closest town.


MC: I saw that, you guys are playing Toronto March 8, is it….


MW: I think it might have been the 7…Sorry I don’t have a schedule in front me right now, I thought it was the 7 or the 8 at Adelaide Hall….


MC: What were your inspirations? I read that making this album was just a growth of a bunch of experiences over the years since Coda and Jacket, so what were some of those?


MW: Well ya know, that stuff is sort of private about what inspires the record, but you know I just did a lot of growing since then and have a lot of life that I want to talk about a little bit, and I think it came across really well on the record.


MC: In contrast to Coda and Jacket, how would you describe this album?


MW: I would say this is a much more organic sounding, cohesive record. [I] just tried to put together a group of songs that would fit really well together and sounded like they belonged with one another. I think a lot of time when people search records you sort of hear an eclectic mix of stuff, because people haven’t really found their groove and don’t know what genre they’re going for. I think that Right Direction really sounds like me, and I’m happy with it.


MC: Yeah, it was really raw and acoustic this one. So you’re working on a new album with Marianas Trench, right?


MW: Yeah, that’s correct.


MC: How is it to do both projects? Is it stressful?


MW: It’s awesome. I mean Marianas is obviously my number one priority, we’re just busy in in the studio working on new stuff. In between that and when I had a little time off, I just got into the studio to record Right Direction.


MC: Do you think you would ever leave Marianas Trench to pursue an independent project?


MW: No, absolutely not. I’m completely dedicated to that. It’s been my life for as long as I can remember, and I would never ever do that. That would be ridiculous.


MC: So, my last question is just what are the most exciting things about releasing a new record, and the biggest challenges?


MW: Well, the most exciting thing is just being able to share your music with the fans. I’m always a little bit nervous to hear what they’re going to think, and especially with this record cause it’s quite a stark contrast from any Mariana sounding stuff. I strive to create a sound that was completely different for a reason, I wanted it to be all my own.


You know, the cool thing about a lot of our fans these days is that they just love good music, and they’re not really too attached to a particular genre. Everyone seems to be pretty supportive, and even the ones who hate it, although I haven’t seen many, they’ve been really nice about it too. Like, “Hey, it’s not for me,” and that’s great, I totally respect that. It’s just exciting to get the new music out to everybody, and the most challenging thing with releasing a record is, ya know, just trying to get it done in time. It wasn’t even that it was too challenging, it was just a smooth, fun process the whole time. There’s the deadlines and the songwriting, and that can be a little stressful sometimes, but there was nothing that really stuck out as being super challenging about this, it was just a lot of fun.


MC: That’s amazing. I know that from Twitter I saw that a lot of fans are really positive about it, they were ready to get it the moment it was released. Just congratulations on your success so far.


MW:  I really appreciate that, and yeah I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have these guys supporting me- guys and girls I should say. The support of everyone has been overwhelming and I can’t thank everyone enough.

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