CONCERT REVIEW: Imagine Dragons

Six sets of drums and an uncountable number of guitars line the stage at the Air Canada Centre as Imagine Dragons fans on look waiting for the final act of the night perform. There is a giant circle screen at the back of the stage with metal trees below it. Already you can tell that the light show is going to be quite the spectacle for their set. Imagine Dragons comes out followed by a deafening scream by fans as the band begins to play “Tiptoe” for their first song of the night. Followed by “It’s Time,” and “Nothing Left To Say / Rocks.”






During the final climactic moments of “Rocks,” bass guitarist Ben McKee (playing the tambourine at the time), throws it across the entire stage over the drummer gracefully into the hands of Wayne “Wing” Sermon, the lead guitarist where he uses it to finish the song. Frontman Dan Reynolds greets old and new fans of the band stating, “For those of you who are just joining us we’re glad to have you,” and begins to play “The River,” one of their older songs.




The band has completely revamped their performance since the last time they were in Toronto, this time having short interludes between songs giving individual band members the opportunity to showcase their talents in a solo. Before starting “Amsterdam,” Sermon displayed his true talent as a guitarist in a face melting guitar solo that had the audience stunned as they rest of the band filled in to start the song. Next up was “Cha Ching (Till We Grow Older)” where the large drum centre stage was used for the first time of the night. Towering well over 6 feet tall, it made frontman Reynolds look minuscule in comparison. As the song came to an end it brought the entire band in towards drummer Daniel Platzman as all five band members started hitting his drum set along with him! In this song, Sermon also flaunted his all gold guitar, one of the many he had on stage with him that night. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this night and I’ll tell you why,” Reynolds says before playing the next song. “We’re going to cover a song by a band that is one of our favourites for all of us, and they have very close ties to Toronto”. They begin to play “Tom Sawyer” by Rush, which the audience was quite happy about considering their roaring cheer. Again, the band truly showcased their incredible talent playing that song (it’s not an easy one to play).




Reynolds then slows it down as he dedicates “Lay Me Down” to a close friend of his who passed away from cancer last year. He states, “I want to celebrate the legacy of Tyler that lives on forever. He taught me that my problems are so small, he never complained once, we’re all alive and we have our health and thats the most important thing of all.” Instead of the traditional lighters filling the air (although there was a few), thousands of cellphones lit up the ACC to commemorate Tyler, a beautiful thing to witness and be part of. Bringing it back up again, McKee unleashed a bass solo before the band joined him in “Demons.” For their second last song they played “Working Man” where Reynolds jumped down from the stage and ran around the floor of the ACC greeting everyone with high fives and smiles. During this large balloons came out of nowhere filled with confetti. “We have one more song,” Reynolds states as the crowd goes wild knowing exactly which song they’re about to play- “Radioactive.” They did not disappoint, ending their set on an extremely powerful note. After getting an obvious and well deserved encore, they came out for two more songs. The first one being Happy Birthday to their keyboardist with the crowd joining in, and second being “Bleeding Out,” bringing their electrifying set to a close.

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