Interview With: Lucy Hale

BestFan blogger Michael Sist had the chance to speak with singer Lucy Hale, over a phone interview. The star of the hit show Pretty Little Liars spoke about reigniting her musical flame and returning to the music scene with her upcoming studio album Road Between, which is scheduled to be released June 3.  Check out the entire interview below!


Michael: Hi Lucy, how are you?


Lucy: I’m good thank you.


MS: Thank you for talking with me today.


LH: Oh, Absolutely.


MS: So, lets get right into talking about your music.  What was your biggest inspiration for your single “You Sound Good To Me”?


LH: Yeah, well actually with “You Sound Good To Me” we heard the demo very last minute and we already had the songs that we had already recorded in place and when we heard the song we realized it was one of those songs that just stays in your head, it’s so catchy and just really fun. So we had to rethink everything and decided to cut the song, not thinking it would be the first single. It ended up just feeling right in everyone’s gut and it just set the tone for the whole album and it’s just a great representation of me and it’s fun, it’s catchy and it has a great melody.


MS: Why did you decide to release “You Sound Good To Me” as your first single?


LH: For those reasons I just said. There is really no reason except that it just felt right and in my gut. I just knew that this song set the tone for the album and it’s a great representation of me and that it was fun.


MS: Congratulations on reaching the number 1 spot on the iTunes Country Charts.


LH: Thank You!


MS: How did you feel when you realized people were behind you listening and buying your music?


LH: It was crazy. I had known that people were kind of looking forward to it, but then to actually see it on iTunes and to see it on that number 1 spot was really cool. The people that support me are just really incredible and it’s very gratifying and humbling and it’s nice to know that hard work gets paid off and that people genuinely enjoy it. So yeah, it was a very cool moment in my life.


MS: The single is off of your upcoming album Road Between


LH: Road Between is the title of the album, which comes out June 3.


MS: When can we expect some more music off of the album to be released?


LH: Well, the whole album comes out June 3. My single “You Sound Good To Me” will be the single that will be out for a while. But then, I don’t know. I think we have a few ideas of what the next single will be, but that will be a little bit in the future. There will be some exclusive tracks being released on iTunes if you preorder the album and also with Wal-Mart, Amazon and Target.  Yeah, we are about a little over two months away from the whole album being out. I have waited a little over two years for it and we have been working on it for a while so I’ve been patient and I’m thrilled to finally get to share it with everybody.


MS:I actually got the privilege of listening to a few tracks off of your upcoming album Road Between. What is your favorite song off of the album?


LH: Well obviously I am drawn to each one for a different reason. But, I think one of my favourites is a song called “Road Between,” which is the title of the album. It’s just a great representation of me and where I’m at in life right now and it just sort of hits really close to home for me.


MS: And you have been doing music for a while now. So, what would you say to young Lucy, back in 2003 when you did American Juniors?


LH: Well, I would tell her to have a lot of patience and that everything will work out, maybe not right away, but to keep doing what I was doing. I always thought that I would have released music way sooner. I was 13 when I did American Juniors and that’s very young to be working in the music industry, but I’m not necessarily the most patient person and the fact that I will be 25 in June and that I waited and not given up on it says a lot about my personality. But, I’m grateful for the time that I had to get to know myself and get the time to figure out what I wanted to do musically.


MS: How has it been different from when you were performing on American Juniors and when you did the movie A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song to now creating music for your record?



LH: Well, during American Juniors I was 13 and 14 years old and I would just go in and sing. I didn’t have any control over anything. I was literally just a voice and had no creative control, which is fine. It was such a fun time in my life for sure. When I did A Cinderella Story, that’s when the music bug hit me again because I hadn’t been in the studio for a while. I did that movie when I was like 21 and again it was songs for a movie and was definitely not the style of music that I wanted to do and weren’t the things I wanted to sing about. It did reignite that flame in me to make my own album.


MS: How did that help you in making your own album?


LH: Yeah, so with this album I pretty much had full creative control. I was completely lucky because it doesn’t always happen like this, to get to hold the reins in my hands and I was like “I want to do this. I don’t want to do this. This is what I want to sing about.” It was a very hands on project and we really went in deep and worked with amazing songwriters and producers and my label is amazing. At the end of the day, it’s something I’m really proud of and I’m grateful for and I’m grateful for the experiences and I’m even grateful for how long it took to make it.


MS: So I have to ask. You are a cast member of Pretty Little Liars, what did the other girls have to say about your music?


LH: It’s really cool with the show, we all have our own interests outside of making the TV show and they have been really great about it. Some of them aren’t necessarily country music fans, but they are absolutely supportive, which is awesome.  Hopefully I will convert them to country music fans.


MS: Speaking of fans, us Canadian fans want to know are you coming here anytime soon?


LH: I think there are some plans to. I hope so. What part of Canada are you in?


MS: I’m in Toronto.


LH: Toronto, oh cool. I would definitely hope that I’m coming soon. I think there are some plans in the future.  I love Canada!


MS: Lastly, I have to ask. What are you a best fan of?


LH: Umm…


MS: It could be anything. A singer, movie, food….


LH: Ohh, I’m a best fan of Froyo.


MS: I’m not sure if we have Froyo here…


LH: WHAT! You don’t have frozen yogurt in Toronto?


MS: We do, but I’m pretty sure it’s called something else. I think our version is called Yogen Fruz.


LH: Oh, I’ve heard of that. I’m a best fan of that too.


(We both break out into laughter!!!)


MS: Thank you so much for your time. Good luck with everything.


LH: No problem.  Thank you.



You can keep up with Lucy by following her through social media:


Twitter: @lucyhale

Instagram: @lucyhale

Facebook: Lucy Hale


Make sure to check out her new single “You Sound Good To Me” below and watch out for her debut album Road Between out June 3.



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