Interview With: Phillip Phillips

BestFan blogger Isabel Contin had the chance to speak to Phillip Phillips over the phone. With the American Idol days far behind him, Phillip is now focusing on his new music. He talks about his current Canadian tour, gives us a sneak peak of his second album coming out in May, and talks about his love of chicken. Read the full interview below!


IC: Hi Phillip, how are you?

PP: I’m great! How are you?


IC: I’m good! Where are you calling from right now?


PP: I’m in Hamilton, we have a show here tonight.


IC:  That’s right, you’re in the middle of your Canadian tour! How’s that going?

PP: It’s going great, the crowds have been really awesome and it’s just been really good, really responsive. People have been up and dancing, singing loud and rushing the stage. It’s been crazy, but it’s been awesome. A good kind of crazy!


IC:  Have you gotten a chance to go out and explore some of the cities you’ve been in or have you been too busy for that?

PP: I’ve been a little busy but I’ve gotten to see a little bit of Halifax which was really cool, and then I got to walk around Quebec City, which I really liked. And I’ve been to Toronto several times. Some of the other cities I haven’t had much time to look around, but it’s been good.


IC: Do you have a favourite so far?

PP: I really liked Quebec City! It’s very beautiful, it’s like a miniature Paris.


IC: Since you’re touring Canada, have you tried any Canadian food so far? Have you tried poutine?

PP: I have! I tried it the other day actually, it’s quite delicious. I was like, ‘It’s so simple that it can’t be absolutely amazing,’ but then once I ate it, it was like, I couldn’t stop eating it!


IC: It’s the best! So your fans travel many miles by plane, trains and cars. What’s the farthest you’ve travelled for an artist or a band? Who was it? 

PP: I travelled, uh how far was it, it was like 6-7 hours. We went to West Palm for Dave Matthews, a two night Dave Matthews concert when I was younger, me and my buddy and we had a good time. It was a good, fun memory.


IC: You’re only 23! And you have accomplished so much already. If you had any advice for your 17 year old self, what would it be?

PP: Just keep your head up, and you know, do better in school (laughs). And keep dreamin’.


IC: You got the opportunity to go on tour with John Mayer last year. What did you learn from touring with him? What did you take away from that experience for your own tour?

 PP: I would just watch him go up there and just you know, have fun and that’s what I’ve always done and that’s what we did. I saw him doing that, and then I also got to talk with him. He’s a great guy, he enjoyed our show and he would tell us we’re doing great and that really meant a lot so you know, we’d go out there, have a good time and just try to make it the best we can.


IC: Who would be your dream person to perform with? Dead or alive, anyone.

 PP: Oh, I don’t know, that’s a good question. Uh, geez. I don’t know that’s a lot to- that’s too many people! Um… Stevie Ray Vaughan would have been a fun one! He was one of my favourite guitarists growing up when I was learning guitar so just to jam with him would have been really cool. Eric Clapton would be cool. Steve Jones, you know.. I don’t know, there’s so many people.


IC: Okay, so I took to Twitter to ask  fans some questions for you and a lot of them were about your upcoming album! What can we know about it? Is there a title yet? Release date? Anything?

PP: We’re trying to get it out in May at some point. We kind of have a date, but we have to make sure it’s all good. The album is going to be a little more rock, some darker songs, still some good little love songs. The music is going to be more ‘me’ and I’ve gotten to spend a little more time on them and really just make a good judgement on the songs. Live with them a little bit. And I’m excited for people to hear.


IC: No name? Or are you just not allowed to tell us?

PP: I think I have a name, but I don’t know if I can say it right now (laughs).


IC: Okay, fair enough. Did you collaborate with anyone on your new album?

PP: No, it was just me and my band. We’ve been in the studio and just worked the songs out, so the album really has a band vibe, you know. That’s what’s really cool about it too.


IC: How many songs can we expect to be on the album?

PP: Uh, I think it’s something like 11 or 12 songs or something like that… I think, I think!


IC: Don’t worry, we won’t hold you to that. Do you have a favourite song or one that speaks to you the most from your new album?

PP: Yeah, I have a lot of favourite songs on this album! There’s so many different emotions and different feels and vibes so there’s a lot of them that I’m really excited for. I’m actually trying to get them all in the right order now so I can’t give you like a specific track number yet but I don’t know, there’s so many. I’m excited for them all.


IC: In contrast to your debut album, The World From The Side of The Moon, how would you describe this second album?

PP: It’s going to be a little more technical, heavier, rock. Definitely going to be a guitar-driven album. All the songs are going to be a little different. Some weird, creepy songs, so yeah.


IC: Some weird, creepy songs?


PP: Well yeah… But not really. You’ll see.


IC: Okay well I am loving your latest single, “Raging Fire.” Are there any plans for a music video in the near future? 

PP: Yeah! Hopefully we’re gonna have one out by the end of this month. We’re actually filming it in a few days. I’m really excited, we have a really cool idea for it, hopefully it doesn’t suck.


IC: I’m sure it won’t! Another thing that your fans were interested in was touring for this year! Do you have any plans to tour the US, South America, Europe (especially the UK, I got a lot of questions from there)?

PP: Definitely, hopefully we’re going to be touring the US. We got a lot of stuff getting planned out. As far as Europe and South America, I hope by the end of this year or the beginning of next year at some point because I loved South America when we went, and I love Europe too but we didn’t get to spend too much time there so I want to go back.


IC: Okay, so I have one last question for you: What are YOU a best fan of? 

PP: Uh, food! I love all kinds of food. I love chicken! My guitar player is actually going to make some chicken salad today. I love chicken. Any kind of chicken. Grilled chicken, fried chicken, roasted chicken… anything.


IC: Let’s be honest, who isn’t a fan of chicken?

PP: Exactly!


IC: Lastly I just wanted to let you know that I saw some incredible support for you on Twitter from your amazing fans. Do you have a message for them?

PP: Yeah, I just want to thank them so very much for all the support for the past few years and hopefully for many more years to come, and I hope they enjoy the new music!

IC: Thank you so much for your time and good luck on the rest of the tour and the release of your album!


PP: Thank you! I appreciate it.
Check out Phillip’s first single from his upcoming album:


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