Interview With: T. Mills

Riverside, California, hip-hop artist T. Mills is currently on his All I Wanna Do Tour with special guests Mod Sun and Blackbear. He came through Toronto on March 25 with Mod Sun and openers JWalk and Anami Vice and sat down with BestFan’s Ashley Emma Ng to chat about life on the road, clothes, what music he listen to on tour, and more!


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AN: How are you doing?


T. Mills: 
I’m good, how are you? Thanks for coming out.


AN: No problem, I’m great. How’s the tour going so far?


T. Mills: It’s amazing! I got Mod Sun on it and Blackbear’s on it too – he just couldn’t come into Canada, so he’s joining up with us back in Boston. It’s honestly incredible, the first two weeks was before my EP came out so it’s been cool that it’s out now and everybody knows the songs and the music is spreading. We’re just having fun, I get to play shows every single night. The crowd is amazing, I love our new merch, I love our new set. It’s fun.


AN: How’s it like being back in Toronto? Have you been able to explore the city?


T. Mills: Yeah, I did a pop-up shop for my merch line at Community 54 and an in-store meet-and-greet. Then we went to a couple stores, we went and grabbed some food, and then came back to the venue to do my VIP meet-and-greet and soundcheck. Now, we’re getting ready to play a show!


AN: You came through for the Vans Warped Tour last year, what was that like?


T. Mills: It was amazing. The weather was fucking crazy, we had three crazy things happen to us in that day. Our set got pushed back, it rained out, everybody had to leave, but we ended playing our set and it was amazing. People were there and they all knew the words and everyone had a good time. I fell on stage, I slipped – it was raining and the stage was all wet. It was funny though, it was cool.


AN: How’s it different from regular touring?


T. Mills: At Warped Tour there’s lot of bands, there’s a bunch of stages and it’s more of a professional setting. This is my headliner, my first national headlining tour, and I feel like I have a lot more freedom. I have a longer set, I get to play like an hour, I can play whatever I want. My meet and greet and stuff I have a lot more control over, I get to bring my best friends out on tour. So it’s kinda like my own show and you guys are getting the full experience.


AN: Have there been any moments that have stood out for you on tour?


T. Mills: Cleveland, Ohio, was amazing, Anarbor, Michigan, was super fun. Mod had his birthday at one of the shows and so that was crazy. I played Omaha, Nebraska, for the first time on this tour, that was insane, and Chicago. Toronto’s definitely gonna be one of the most amazing shows on the tour. Everyday has literally been so much fun, so I have no complaints. Everyone’s just enjoying it, and like I said, I get to wake up and play a concert every single day and that’s like the dream.


AN: It’s like a party everyday!


Exactly, it’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun, too.


AN: I know you’ve said before that you take a lot of clothes on tour…


T. Mills: Yeah!


AN: Do you have a favourite item or accessory?


T. Mills: This tour would be my leather jacket – I’ll wear it tonight. I just love it, I don’t know! I fell in love with it before I left on tour and literally, every show I’ve worn it. It’s from Revolve. There’s this clothing site called Revolve and they have Revolve Man and they sent it to me and it’s made by Black Denim and it’s super nice. It’s awesome.


AN: What was the process like for All I Wanna Do?


T. Mills: It’s only four songs, so it’s a short EP. I recorded all of them with different producers. Boi-1Da produced “Somebody To Miss You”, I recorded that song in Toronto, actually, when I was in the studio with him. “Riverside Girl” was done by these dudes named Malay and James Fauntleroy, two amazing, talented people. “Go For It All” was done by this dude named Soulshock, who has worked with Tupac and a bunch of legendary artists, so that’s cool to make a record with him. And “All I Wanna Do” was made by my homie, Cook Classics. So it’s like I got to work with a very broad scope of producers and I didn’t record all the songs at once, or like in one week, or one month. All I Wanna Do, I had since last year but I wanted to hold ‘til, y’know it’s like a summer song, so I wanted to wait for the weather and everything.


AN: You’re preparing for your next full length. How is that going?


It’s going really good, I have a studio on the bus so we can record on tour. And when I get home after this tour I’m going to be recording every single day and finish up an album. Probably gonna go out on the road again this summer.


AN: What direction is that LP going in?


I’d say my melodies are getting stronger, my songwriting, like every project I drop just continues to improve. This album, I’m fortunate enough to work with a producer that I’ve always wanted to work with, so I’m really looking forward hitting the studio with him when I get back.


AN: Are you drawing from personal experiences?


Yeah, of course! I mean, I feel like I relate to all of my music. It’s very personal to me, so it might be something that happened to me like five years ago, it could be something that happened to me yesterday or today, you know what I mean? So I just try to open up my brain and do whatever I can, see what comes out.


AN: Are there any collaborations?


T. Mills: I have a really big remix to “All I Wanna Do” with an amazing feature on it. I’m not telling anyone who, but it’ll be coming soon. Like in a month or something, two months, I don’t wanna put a date on it but it’s coming soon. I have it, and it’s done, the feature is done, the remix is done.


AN: Are there any artists you’re feeling right now?


T. Mills: Yeah, shit, so many people. PartyNextDoor, he’s from Toronto, been listening to a lot of him. There’s this band, The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m No Longer Afraid to Die, that’s the band name *laughs*.


AN: That’s really long! What kinda music is that?


T. Mills: Yeah, it’s like indie, experimental rock, kind of like jam band-ish. It’s really cool, very unique. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ty$ and my All I Wanna Do EP, of course. I gotta shout that out!


AN: Do you listen to music on tour or anything that gets you going?


T. Mills: Yeah, we’ve been listening to a lot of Young Thug. “Stoner”, That “Stoner, Stoner”. And Mod Sun’s been blasting a lot of Soulja Boy every single day.


AN: Question from the fans, do you plan on touring any other cities in Canada other than Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal?


T. Mills: Definitely trying to come back to Canada and do a full tour. I definitely know it’s in the works, so I would love for it to happen.


AN: Last question, what are you a BestFan of?


T. Mills: I am a BestFan of clothes…I’m addicted to clothes. I just love clothes. I have like, four of the same jackets and I have ten pairs of the same pants and I just wear ‘em every single day, so it probably looks like I’m wearing the same thing, but it’s a new one every day. I just get into certain habits of clothes that I love and then it’s fun to add new pieces into the mix, y’know? But yeah, I change my outfit twice a day!



Connect with T. Mills


Twitter: @ilovetmills


Instagram: @tmills





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