CONCERT REVIEW: Miley Cyrus Parties in Toronto with 19000 of her Closest Friends

“I’m a professional partier,” she proclaimed – all smiles and no snark – and I believe there’s never been truer words that have left Miley Cyrus’ lips as she took the stage – after Icona Pop prepped the audience –  at the Air Canada Centre on March 31 to screams and raucous cheers.


Cyrus, whose aversion to pants has been widely-accepted as a trademark look, transformed the arena into a loud, bright, zany party filled with props and costumes that sought to both awe and…confuse.


The last time I got to see her was 7 years ago while she was under Disney’s management – and when the Jonas Brothers were still together and barely recognizable – so it’s easy to say I’ve definitely been waiting for this concert for a while, especially since she passed over any Canadian stops on her previous two tours, Wonder World and Gypsy Heart.


Miley Concert_3


She’s spent the last year convincing us of her party-girl status starting with “We Can’t Stop,” an instant summer smash. This tour is just a continuation of her parade through the media as she pulls all the stops in making sure that everybody understands exactly how ready she is to let loose and have fun.


And wow, was it fun. There was no holding back at all this time, from her wandering hand to the funny-looking background videos during her performance (think of the relevancy/irrelevancy of the crying cat – times 1000) and finally to the stripped-and-bare acoustic set (bet you weren’t expecting that).


She made her entrance by sliding down a gigantic tongue disproportionate to the equally huge version of her face that appeared on the screen and yet I cannot think of a more suitable entrance. Notable performances were “Love Money Party” due to the decked out car that accompanied her on stage.  She performed all songs off Bangerz with the exception of “Hands in the Air” with appropriately strange and mildly-gimmicky props. While some gimmicks were seemingly unnecessary, Miley Cyrus currently embodies the epitome of unnecessary-yet-amusing and she made it work. Notably there was a gigantic blow-up version of her puppy Floyd (why?), a highly amusing and sometimes cringe-inducing kiss-cam during “Adore You” (aww) and no swinging wrecking ball (very sad).


Miley Concert_2


After performing more than half her set, she took to the secondary stage and that was definitely the highlight of the night. She moved to her stage near the back of the arena, sat on a stool and just sang. During the acoustic set, she chose to cover “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”, “The Scientist”, “Summertime Sadness”, and “Jolene” as well as her own “Rooting For My Baby” all of which the crowd loved. This portion of the concert was definitely meant to wind down and relax the crowd a little before jumping right back into more tracks off Bangerz.


The concert was high-energy and a lot of fun, but I get the feeling that you had to be in the right mindset. Nobody around me was sitting down and from what I could see everybody was standing and dancing, generally enjoying the house-party-turned-concert.


See, what I quickly learned is: Miley Cyrus knows how to put on a show.


All you really have to do is know how to enjoy it.


Miley Concert_1

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