CMW: CONCERT REVIEW: The 1975 at Kool Haus

If you have BestFans lined up for over 12 hours to get into the show, you must be doing something right. Kool Haus was quite the scene on Tuesday…BestFans were lined up around the entire venue (an entire block!).



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We talked with some brave souls at the front of the line who were there since 6:30 a.m.! Over a 12 hour wait for front row to hopefully catch a gaze of frontman Matthew Healy. While talking to these BestFans we also found out that ‘Matty’ had gone to the Loblaws across the street from the venue to get something to eat where he ended up being chased by a crowd of screaming girls.


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While waiting for The 1975 to come on, the stage was left bare with a row of white lights across the top the stage shining. If you don’t know much about the band yet, they really are a fan of the colours black and white with that taking over basically all of their promos, music videos and more. One thing we really dig about The 1975 is that the light show is only one colour, white! A monotonous deep pitched guitar note vibrated the crowd as fans impatiently waited for the band to come on. Slowly but surely, the tone became stronger and stronger in volume and the white lights lining the top of the stage slowly started to dim. By this time the entire crowd let out a deafening scream as guitarist Adam Hann, bassist Ross MacDonald, drummer George Daniel walked on stage as the famous white rectangle lit up behind George as he sat down.


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You wouldn’t even think that the crowd could scream any louder as Matty walked on stage, bottle of wine in hand ready to give it his all. Light from behind the stage created silhouettes of the band. Then the shadow of Matty takes a swig of his drink as The 1975 begin to play “The City” followed by “M.O.N.E.Y,” and “An Encounter.” Matty proclaimed “We’re gunna play some of the hits!”  satirically as the band then played “Settle Down,” and “Heart Out.”


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They then took it down a notch playing some slow tracks like “Pressure” and “Me.” During this time Matty revealed The 1975 have a new bandmate as one of their oldest friends, the alto sax player that came on stage for the two songs! Fans reveled with pure excitement at the announcement. Keeping the mood, they continued on playing “Fallingforyou,” “You,” “Hnscc,” and then ending with a quicker “Menswear.”


DSC_2938 copy


Within 1 second of the band playing “Girls,” the crowd awoke from the trance they were put in with the prior songs belting out screaming along with Matty. With an OBVIOUS encore The 1975 came back on stage for two more songs- “Robbers,” “Chocolate,” and last but not least, “Sex.” Arguably their three best songs, the crowd was electric. And at the climax of the song something strange happened- for the first time in their set the lights show changed with red flashing along with the white, ending the show with everyone in the audience going home content with the night they had just experienced and will not forget for a long time.

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