Interview With: Jordan McIntosh

Before his performance during Canadian Music Week, I got the chance to sit down and chat with Canadian country singer-songwriter Jordan McIntosh. We got to talk about being away from home, his love of desserts and his dream of writing with Taylor Swift.


Michael Sist: Hey how’s it going? Thanks for talking with me today.


Jordan McIntosh: Hey, yeah for sure, no problem.


MS: So, I want to start this interview off on a serious question. This is some hard news. Did you know that when you search your name on Google the first thing that comes up is Jordan McIntosh Age?


JM: That’s true.


MS: So I want to clarify it here on Best Fan today, what is your actual age?


JM: I’m 18


MS: 18. Okay so you’re not legal yet.


JM: No, well in some places I am. I believe in two provinces in Canada I am.


MS: So now that we now know how old you are. You are still young, only a couple years younger than I am and I get homesick when I go away for the weekend away from my family. How do you manage being away from your family for a long period of time?


JM: Well, travelling is something that I have always loved to do, granted that I always travelled with my family so it was different. Now I go often by myself. But, it’s all part of what I do. You know, I’m a fan of hotels and airplanes and I just love the whole aspect of it. It’s cool. The biggest thing that I miss the most is my bed. I always say, you know in the morning your bed is always that much more comfortable. Well, mine’s like that all the time. No matter what time of the day it’s like that. I miss that a lot and sometimes hotel beds just don’t cut it. But, you know you miss home, but I’ll go back at some point and I always keep that in my mind.


MS: You’re 18 now, at what age did you know that singing is what you wanted to do?


JM: Well, I have been singing for my entire life, for as long as I can remember. But, for taking it seriously and thinking that this can be work was about three or four years ago. I mean for all my life I had it in the back of my head that it would be really cool to do it, but you have to think that its hard, its not something that you can just get into. So as I started to meet the right people and it all started to come together and when I started to think that this could really happen was a few years ago.


MS: And how did it all happen?


JM: Yeah, it was…the main people that really found me first saw a video on YouTube and I’m from Ottawa and they’re from Ottawa. So, they just connected with me and my family and we all talked and that was about three years ago.  Fast-forward a year and I got the attention from Jim Cressman of Invictus and Strut Entertainment and all these amazing people in the industry that really believed in me, which was really nice. So, it all kind of happened very quickly, which is nice because I like things to happen fast and I like to see results. I guess it’s those stories you hear all the time where people see you at the right time and right place.


MS: So you have a couple of singles out right now. Can we expect anything else coming soon?


JM: Yes, I just released the single “That Girl” and I just came back from Nashville not too long ago and I finished laying down all my vocals for my first record. That’s almost done and I’m hoping for a September or October release for that. Its just now piecing it all together and making sure it’s the perfect representation of how I thought of my first record and songs. So yeah, there is definitely more music to come in the future.


MS: You mentioned your single “That Girl.” How did that song come about? What’s the meaning behind it?


JM: I actually wrote that song and it actually is based on a true situation of something that happened. There was a really close female friend of mine and she was dating some idiot who cheated on her and it was just this whole thing that I saw her heart broken and being so close to her I felt that pain too. This song is just something that I felt like I needed to do for myself and for her. It just turned into a song that I’m very proud of. Then it got released and I’m really happy that it’s out there. The best songs come from the best passion and the best stories; I honestly believe that if you connect to a song 100% it’s going to be better than any other song.


MS: Do you have dream collaboration?


JM: Yeah, I mean there are a lot of people that you dream to work with. There are a lot of Canadian artists that I got to meet and work with, which is awesome. I think my one, just because I’m really into songwriting, I love songwriting and one of the best songwriters is obviously Taylor Swift. I would love to write and collaborate with her. I mean just thinking of her process, like how does she do that? I would love to learn from her and make a song together. I mean she is my dream bucket list kind of thing, I mean one day I hope to get a chance.


MS: You are performing tonight. How excited are you?


JM: Yes, I’m very excited. It’s kind of my first big CMW kind of show. I mean like last year I was playing in the hallway at the conference centre every 15 minutes and this year I have my own showcase with Brett Kissel and Livy Jeanne. I’m really excited; it’s going to be a really good night.


MS: Have you gone to any shows?


JM: Actually, I went to the Radio Awards the other night. It was really cool because you get to see people that you don’t see everyday because we are all doing our own thing and then we get together and its really cool to run into those people.


MS: So, here at BestFan we have a signature question and it comes at the end of every interview, so I have to ask, Jordan McIntosh, what are you a ‘best fan’ of?


JM: What am I a best fan of, interesting question. I think I’m the best fan of desserts. Yeah desserts. I mean I’m a big desserts guy. I love how after you eat you think that you are full; I’m a strong believer that there is always room for desserts.


MS: Any favourites?


JM: Anything with chocolate. I mean yeah, anything with whip cream and chocolate and I’m there. I mean you can say I’m a best fan of music, but that’s boring and I don’t want to bore you. So I mean I guess I’m a best fan desserts.


MS: I would have to agree, love desserts. So thank you so much for coming and talking with me today.


JM: Yeah, no problem.


Keep up with Jordan by following him on Twitter (@JordanMcIntosh). Don’t forget to check out @BestFan on Twitter and Instagram for the latest in interviews and entertainment updates.


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