Interview With: G-Eazy

Mic Tee got the chance to talk to G-Eazy shortly after getting home from his Europe leg of his These Things Happen Tour. Find out about how he feels about the new wave of west coasters, who he would love to party with, and why you will never see him driving a car!


Mic Tee: G-Eazy! What’s going on man? You good?


G-Eazy: Waddup man, you know how it is, just got back from Europe, actually.


MT: Yeah? Well how’s it feel to be back home? You just wrapped up a huge tour These Things Happen and your album’s coming out; how you feeling?


G-Eazy: It feels good, real good. I think any time you’re at the end of a trip you’re usually pretty ready to come home and start working regularly again. And now it’s like Christmas is a few days away. Album’s about to drop, it’s just a crazy time right now. I’m real excited.


MT: Now you’re from Cali – Oakland, and I want to know, with this new wave of west coast artists coming up with YG, Nipsey [Hustle], Lil B; how does it feel to be a part of this huge trend and come-up?


G-Eazy: It’s dope, dude. I think growing up in Cali there’s a certain pride in that. I mean I know it’s the same with wherever you are from but growing up in the Bay you really just want to represent and put your area on and bring it to a bigger stage. It’s a really good time for California right now in music. In the Bay you got Iamsu!, Sage the Gemini and the whole HBK movement right down to L.A. with Ty Dolla $ign, YG, Mustard and that whole sound they’ve created down there so it’s real exciting to be playing my part.      


MT: Now speaking of the west coast, we saw you bring out E-40 in San Francisco – a legend in the west. We hear it all the time, the best conversations happen off camera. So off camera, I want to know what have you learned and spoken about with E-40?


G-Eazy: Anytime I’m around E-40 he’s always giving out game ‘cause he’s so wise and he’s been around for so long. I can’t give you everything, obviously, but I mean he’s always encouraging me and telling me to keep my head on straight. Like to me, it’s him and Jay-Z as far as people who have lasted for so long. And he’s still killing it, so I just try to learn whatever I can from him every time we’re together.


MT: Favorite E-40 song?


G-Eazy: I’d have to say ‘Tell Me When to Go,” just because it meant so much to me at that point in my life.


MT: Now before you went solo though, you were a part of a group…


G-Eazy: Yeah! The Bay Boys! [Laughs]


MT: Yeah, the Bay Boys, so tell us a bit about the Bay Boys.


G-Eazy: I mean, like I was saying, there’s a pride that comes from the Bay. We were just a group of kids that wanted to make music, rap and make beats. It was me and my best friend Marty, who still tours with me to this day, he does merch and he’s actually working on his own music. As time went, we added a bunch of people, but me and Marty were the original members.


MT: Speaking of people on your tour, you had with you Rockie Fresh and Tory Lanez this time around, who, for those who don’t know, is from Toronto, how’d you get connected with those guys?


G-Eazy: Well Tory, I forget who exactly connected us, but we met a bunch of years ago and I don’t know man, you meet some people in this industry that are just genuine people and everybody isn’t that. Tory’s got that. He’s a great artist, he’s extremely talented and he’s just a great person. When you put a tour together you really just think about who you’d like on your bill, who would make sense and who you would want to live with basically for a couple months and be around with and work with. And Tory was an obvious go-to and we believed in Tory’s music. With Rockie, I was just a fan – I had been following him for years. We reached out and he was following my music as well and it just made sense creatively. You want to put acts together that fit well enough but you don’t want a bill with replica yous, you know? So you want the bill to be different but similar enough that it makes sense.


MT: So, these guys were your number one choices then?


G-Eazy: Yeah, well I asked Jay-Z and he said no. [Laughs]


MT: Maybe on the next tour. So you actually stopped by Toronto as well, what would you say is the biggest difference between your fans in Canada opposed to back home in the states?


G-Eazy: Man, there’s a crazy energy in Toronto. I think some of that may be from being a border from where I’m from and being so close. That separation adds to the level of excitement. And I mean I don’t come to Toronto often, so when I’m there it’s always special and rare which I think makes it very exciting for my fans.


MT: One thing I love about you though, something we don’t see very often in hip hop and music, but you actually pursued your education while pursuing music.


G-Eazy: Yeah, definitely.


MT: Can you kind of explain a little about why you stuck with your education and how that influenced your music and your career now?


G-Eazy: I stuck with my education, you know, I really did that for my grandma. It meant a lot to her that I finished school and in the grand scheme of things it was her who had saved and helped provide for me this opportunity to go to school. I mean, I would’ve felt like I was throwing everything that she worked so hard for away if I were to just ditch school last minute and chase this dream, because at the time it was just a dream. I knew music would happen, I’ve always had a strong confidence and conviction that it would happen sooner or later. So I mean, if I miss this bus I’ll catch the next one because I know this is what I’m supposed to do.


MT: I’m interested to know how G-Eazy was in college. Were you in the library? A lot of parties? I’m thinking you’re the guy I would call to find out what’s going on Friday night.


G-Eazy: [Laughs] Naw, man. Thing is, I wasn’t in the library, didn’t study too much, didn’t get the best grades, but honestly, I didn’t party a lot either. I stayed in a lot. In my dorm room, I was a hermit making music, I’ve always had a sense of urgency that I don’t have forever to make this happen. So it’s like while I’m here, while I have this time, while I have these ideas in my head, while I have this open window, I need to bring these ideas to life. ‘Cause here’s the thing, anybody can have a great album in themselves but it’s not until you bring it out and put it into tangible form and creating it and working on it in the studio that all of that comes to life you know what I mean? I knew by the time school was over, I needed to be poppin’ so I did everything I could to do that.


MT: I’ve seen some of your videos and it’s a bit hard for me to believe that you were a hermit because your concerts look live!


G-Eazy: We definitely rage! [Laughs]


MT: So I want to ask, if you had the opportunity to party with anyone at all, dead or alive, who would be your top three picks? And why?


G-Eazy: Oh wow, hmmm. My top three picks. Well, Jimi Hendrix just ’cause you can’t even imagine how f**kin’ cool his life was you know what I mean? Um… Charlie Sheen, I feel like he just always has a room full of b**ches at all times. [Laughs] And um…let me think of my third here. You know who I would say, who’s sort of left field, but who probably parties really hard, Mark Cuban. He’s like a billionaire I’m sure he has some crazy parties.


MT: Now, I’ve seen this a couple times where you sign some lovely-looking ladies on their bosoms and rear-ends and so on and so forth. I want to know though, what is the weirdest thing a fan has asked you to sign?


G-Eazy: Hmm… I’ve gotten some real dirty crusty shoes before, like you don’t want to be rude but they just stink. But there was also this fat dude one time he asked if I could sign his titties that was pretty funny. [Laughs]


MT: Obviously you’re huge online. 100k followers on Twitter, millions of views on YouTube and I did notice you do retweet and sometimes even follow fans. So for the fans; what does a G-Eazy fan gotta do on Twitter to get a retweet or a follow?  


G-Eazy: Well thing is, it’s always about balance right. I want to tell every fan that I appreciate them with a retweet or reply but I don’t want my account to lose my own tweets. I don’t my fans to have to go through a bunch of replies to get to my own tweets right? In the big picture though I do read all of the tweets and I appreciate all of my followers and my fans.


MT: I want to play a quick James Dean game now, since you call yourself the James Dean of Rap. I’m going to name two things and you just choose one between the two. Cool?


G-Eazy: Yeah, let’s do it.


MT: East of Eden or Giant?


G-Eazy: Giant.


MT: Baseball or Basketball?


G-Eazy: Basketball.


MT: Drama or Public speaking?


G-Eazy: Public speaking.


MT: Coke or Pepsi?


G-Eazy: [Laughs] Coke.


MT: Car or Motorcycle?


G-Eazy: Oh man…well, thing is I don’t drive.


MT: You don’t drive at all?


G-Eazy: Naw, man, I’ve never had a car. Like I can drive, but I’m always at the risk of killing people. [Laughs] I grew up on the bus, or riding my bike, or catching the subway, I’ve never had a car. In college, any girl I ever dated had a car, too. [Laughs] Let’s just say motorcycle though.


MT: Leather or Denim?


G-Eazy: Oh man, Leather


MT: Hightops or Jordans?


G-Eazy: Jordans


MT: Finally, since we are BestFan, we want to know what is G-Eazy a BestFan of?


G-Eazy: Kanye West!


MT: There you have it, BestFans. G-Eazy, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. Make sure you give us a shout next time you’re in Toronto!


G-Eazy: Yeah, for sure, thanks a lot brother. Cheers!


G-Eazy’s latest album These Things Happen is out this week. To make a pre-order click HERE.


Until then, check out his latest music video of G-Eazy bringing out special guest E-40 in San Francisco!






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