12 Up-and-Coming YouTubers You Should Be Watching

YouTube is filled with a plethora of wonderfully creative people, but sometimes talented video makers get buried under the mass amounts of people that post content to the site. These lesser-known YouTubers may not be household names just yet, but they’re certainly on their way!

Check out these 12 up-and-coming YouTubers you should be watching (if you aren’t already) below:

1. Tiffany Ferguson (tiffanyferg) – 32,657 subscribers

Tiffany makes comedy/vlogging style videos on her channel. She talks about her experiences, gives life advice, rants about things, reads her best hate comments, teaches you how to become your favorite celebrity (ex. Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, Lorde, Avril LavigneAmanda Bynes) and more – all in a refreshingly hilarious way. And if that’s not enough to get you watching, just note that she wore a fabulously tacky ‘80s formal gown to her prom last year. And had a photoshoot out by some dumpsters with her friends while wearing it. And made a video about it. Watch her videos and you’ll totally want to be her best friend.

Twitter: @tiffanytheprez

Instagram: @tferg__

2. Jessica Chaw (jessicachaww) – 200 subscribers

Jessica is an 18-year-old beauty and fashion vlogger from Malaysia. She makes quality styling videos, lookbooks, OOTWs, makeup tutorials and more! Her style is seriously cute and she definitely knows what she’s doing makeup and hair wise. Jessica also runs a super sweet fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. Plus, she and her videos are both totally adorable! She has all the makings to be a top YouTuber and is definitely someone you should keep your eye on!

Twitter: @JessicaChaw

Instagram: @jessicachaw

3. MeanMugen (MeanMugenGuy) – 340 subscribers

MeanMugen is a 26-year-old vlogger from New Jersey who also runs a Tumblr blog about living with Type I Diabetes. According to his YouTube channel’s description, he’s a “nerd human blogger person” who has “no idea what he’s doing.” He makes great quality videos that totally rival those created by some of the top YouTubers. Plus, he’s super interactive with his viewers on YouTube and social media. I’m honestly surprised he doesn’t have more subscribers! Definitely check him out! But be warned, you’ll probably never find out what “mugen” means.

Twitter: @meanmugen

Instagram: @meanmugen

4. James Alexander (soowej) – 126 subscribers

James is an 18-year-old vlogger from New Hampshire and is the perfect example of a YouTuber who deserves way more subscribers than they have. James has posted his own take on some popular videos, like showing us what’s in his closet, telling us the things he doesn’t understand about girls and more! He’s also extremely well-spoken for his age and is able to create content that has a great message and really makes you think. This is showcased through his videos that are focused on more serious topics like his “Back To School Brick Talk.” Oh, and I can’t forget this tidbit: remember those awesome lip dub videos everyone used to make? He filmed and edited one for his high school back in February. He’s kind of awesome.

Twitter: @jamesalegzander

Instagram: @jamesalegzander

5. Katie O. (StealTheSpotlight13) – 29,015 subscribers

Katie is a 19-year-old Australian beauty guru, with an emphasis on fashion. Her blog states, “Here you will experience the ultimate guide to all things fashion and beauty, where the main aim is to inspire.” With her try-on hauls, tips for styling certain pieces, OOTWs, DIYs, and ”get the look” videos, this fashion connoisseur definitely does just that! Watching her videos will give you style-envy, because her fashion sense is killer. Not to mention, her editing skills are totally on-point.

Twitter: @SpotlightKatie

Instagram: @stealthespotlight

6. Luke Arrell (mippey5) – 56,952 subscribers

Luke’s channel consists of awesome parodies, original songs and music videos, vlogs and more!  And he kind of created the original selfie track. Before The Chainsmokers and all that is “#SELFIE,” Luke came up with this gem called “Selfie Song.” Watch it. It will make you love him. Or want to be his best friend. Either way.

Twitter: @mippey5

Instagram: @mippey5

7. Drew Scott (DrewDaOne) – 5,378 subscribers

Drew is a 17-year-old men’s fashion and lifestyle vlogger living in Los Angeles. His videos take the form of lookbooks, collections, DIYs, favorites, styling tips, tags and more! Plus, they’re edited really well and showcase his great sense of style.

Twitter: @imdrewscott

Instagram: @imdrewscott

8.  Connor Manning (AConMann) – 42,334 subscribers

Connor’s channel description says he is a vlogger “who likes to make videos that make you laugh, think, and participate in a conversation.” That description could not be more accurate! Connor talks about serious issues in a way that is both engaging and thought-provoking. He rants, gives advice, vlogs about his life and posts lighthearted/humorous videos such as “How to Take Selfies.” Watching his videos just might make you become “a little more awesome.”

Twitter: @AConnorManning

Instagram: @aconnormanning

9.  Daniel Craig Glover (ShoutItOutTV) – 3,936 subscribers

Daniel is a British vlogger who makes videos that are rather reminiscent of Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) circa 2009/2010. Is it the accent? The wall of stuff? I don’t really know. But I do know that I’m a fan. He does tags, gives advice, talks about his life, teaches you how to do things and more! From video to video, Daniel keeps you totally entertained!

Twitter: @ShoutItOutTV

Instagram: @danielcraigglover

10. Jalisa (jalisasfashionfiles) – 19,115 subscribers

Jalisa is a style and fashion blogger/YouTuber as well as a Keaton Row stylist. Her channel description states, “I want to see EVERY woman feel confident in who she is, the body she’s in, and the clothes she’s wearing.” Jalisa’s videos mainly consist of fashion tips every woman should know. Her “Body Series,” in which she shows viewers how to find and select the right clothing items for their body shape (from the perfect jean rise, to the right pair of shoes, to the best necklace), is her most popular to date. Her personality is engaging and her tips are super helpful. You’ll definitely find yourself feeling more informed and fashion-forward after watching her videos!

Twitter: @jalisasfiles

Instagram: @jalisasfiles

11. Spencer Westley (SpencerWestley) – 336 subscribers

Spencer is another lifestyle vlogger who deserves more subscribers than he has! He talks about life (and even gives advice) in a way that makes us feel like he’s totally #relatable. He creates awesome, quality content that allows his personality to shine through. Watch Spencer’s videos and he’ll definitely get you laughing!

Twitter: @spencer_westley

Instagram: @spencer_westley

12. TheGoreyShow (thegoreyshow) – 8,314 subscribers

TheGoreyShow is a web show created by Justin Coloma that revolves around the “spookiest family on YouTube.” The writing is fantastic, the acting is great, and the editing and music tie everything together perfectly. The show definitely gives off a modern Addams Family vibe. Several well-known YouTubers have appeared on the web show including: Meghan Rienks (meghanrosette), Alexa Losey  (smokeypinkleopard), Kota Wade (Steamfaerie), and Vincent Cyr  (IamCyr). Mary Kate Wiles (of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries fame) also starred on the web series during its first season. I’m not even going to try to describe the plot because this show has so much happening – it’s creepy and witty and entertaining all at the same time. Just watch it. You won’t regret it!

Twitter: @thegoreyshow

Instagram: @goreys

Honorable Mention: Sarah (shygurlsarah) – 2,368 subscribers

Sarah is an 18-year-old beauty guru from Vancouver. She makes videos pertaining to all things makeup, fashion, and hair, along with a few tags thrown in here and there. Her style is totally chic and now that’s she’s blonde, she seriously looks like Hilary Duff‘s doppelgänger!

Twitter: @sadgirlsawah

Instagram: @shy.girl

What do you think of these YouTubers? Who are some of your favourites? Tweet us @BestFan and let us know!

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