Interview With: Blackjack Billy

Vanessa Francone chatted with Noll Billings from Blackjack Billy about their upcoming tour and music. What music do they listen to before going out? Find out below!



Vanessa: I want to start off with your song “The Booze Cruise.” That is the song my friends and I listen to all the time before we go out. What’s the back-story on writing that song?


N: We were playing three days a week for a whole month in Panama City and since it is known as spring break central we wrote the song as an anthem to bring it down there. When we saw the reaction of the crowd we knew that we wanted more people to hear it. Cool fact; the Blackjack Billy boys always throw their friends names in songs i.e. “Old Boy Goose”, “here’s to Jenny”.


V: Before you guys go out, what music do you listen to? Do you ever listen to your own? 


N: We like to listen to all kinds of music. Here is a list of artists that I was listening to on the flight up here the other day; Alabama, Kip Moore, Lana Del Ray, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Taj Mahal.


Yes, we definitely listen to our own music mostly when we are working on/recording new stuff because we are extremely particular about how it sounds. We’re always critiquing it. Once it’s mastered and final we will listen to it a lot. We just want to make sure everything sounds good before we put it out.


V: You guys are about to tour all over Canada! Being from Nashville, how are the crowds you perform to different, if anything?


N: I don’t think there is a difference in the fans its just that American fans have more accessibility to shows. There are more tours going on and so they have more frequent access. When artists come through Canada fans are really fired up and excited to see the show.


V: Are all the cities you’re travelling to new to you?


N: No, we’ve played a lot of shows out west in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Playing in Ontario is a new thing for us, this will be our fist time playing most of the dates in Ontario.


V: Your lyric video for “Got A Feeling” is pretty funny and features lots of country artists! How long did that take to make? And who came up with the idea?


N: Jeff Coplan, our guitarist, came up with the idea and Rob had the idea to film everything on our phones. We’re good friends with Love and Theft so we approached them first. Since we had a great tour lined up across the U.S. this summer we knew that we would see certain people out on the road like Big and Rich and Craig Campbell and then other artists started hearing about it and wanted to be a part of it. This video is definitely going down in history as the lowest budget cost video.


V: Watching your YouTube videos, it always looks like you guys have so much fun performing and being together. What’s your favourite part about being in Blackjack Billy?


N: It is so much fun to be a part of a gang, I can do anything on the planet and I know that these three guys will always have my back. I am also such a huge fan of the guys in our band. I have so much fun showing up at a venue knowing that my boys are bad-ass.


V: Lastly, since I am from BestFan, I want to know what you are the “best fan” of.


I’m a fan of music. There isn’t one group I like more than another. Music is such a big part of my life. Travelling and music, that’s it for me!



Check out their video for “Got A Feeling” below! And our interview with The Road Hammers is coming next week!



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