October’s 12 up-and-coming YouTubers you should be watching

YouTube is filled with a plethora of wonderfully creative people, but sometimes talented video makers get buried under the mass amounts of people that post content to the site. These lesser-known YouTubers may not be household names just yet, but they’re certainly on their way!


Check out October’s picks for 12 up-and-coming YouTubers you should be watching (if you aren’t already) below.



1. Life Noggin (lifenoggin) – 8,309 subscribers





Life Noggin is an animated educational web show “designed to teach you all about your awesome life and the brain that makes you able to live it.” Patrick Graziosi (of the YouTube channel PatDoesIt) is the founder of Life Noggin and also serves as director and provides the voiceovers for each episode. Kurt Rauffer does the animation, Chloe Labbate (AwkwardAdolescents) is the head writer and Ian Dokie serves as producer. Life Noggin may be an educational web show, but it’s anything but boring! The content is great and it’s presented in a way that keeps you totally engaged. Plus, the graphics are freaking awesome! Tune in every Monday for a new episode and you’ll definitely learn a lot!


Twitter: @LifeNoggin

Website: HERE


2. Kate Mulligan (katexone) – 1,955 subscribers



Kate is a 16-year-old YouTuber from Austin, Texas who just gets it. From her video topics to her background music, Kate’s content is seriously on-point. Plus, everything you’ve ever wondered about, she’s wondered about too. In her ’10 Things I Think I Think’ video, she asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “Why is it called ‘Fun Size’ candy when you’re just getting less candy? That’s just less fun.”


Twitter: @katexone

Instagram: @katemully


3. Nimi (WorldofNimi) – 23,480 subscribers



Nimi is a 15-year-old comedy vlogger from Texas and the brain behind the ‘HOW TO GET A THIGH GAP’ video that basically went viral last year. “I love making comedy because it literally makes my day to see that I can make other people laugh and that they enjoy my videos,” she says. Her videos are hilarious and her sense of humor and tendency to fall off furniture reminds me of Andrew Lowe (ohheyitsandrew). Aside from making YouTube videos, Nimi is also nationally ranked for playing tennis and really knows how to fangirl: “I enjoy worshipping Beyoncé and daydreaming about Theo James and Dave Franco.” Same here girl, same here.


Twitter: @worldofnimi

Instagram: @worldofnimi


4. Teejay Fort (timjimmie) – 1,403 subscribers



Teejay is a 26-year-old vlogger from Ohio who creates what he calls “topical vlogs with a touch of music and comedy.” He rants, gives insightful life advice, does challenges and more! He also used to have a music channel where he uploaded covers and original songs and even had an album on iTunes for a year. In his video ‘Ladies, Answer Me This!’ Teejay tells us all the things he doesn’t understand about girls. What really stumps him is why girls go to the bathroom together. He asks this question, but he basically already knows the answer: “I feel like ladies go in the bathroom and start making life decisions. Like, y’all walk in the bathroom and start pondering life.” Nailed it.


Twitter: @timjimmie

Instagram: @timjimmie


5. Jac St. John (TheVegetarianBaker) – 13,629 subscribers



Jac (pronounced like Jake) received a Baking and Pastry Arts degree at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC and started making cooking videos as a way to “set himself apart” from his classmates. “We were all getting the same education and many of us had the same work experience,” Jac says. “So I took what I knew how to do (video production) and put it towards my major.” Jac creates a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, though he places an emphasis on baking (hence, TheVegetarianBaker). He can pretty much show you how to make any treat you want – even Nutella doughnuts with a Nutella glaze. Yep. You read that right.


Twitter: @JacStJohn

Instagram: @JacStJohn


6. Pablo B. (LifeWithPablo) – 10,157 subscribers



This kid. Oh my God. I love this kid. He’s adorable, he has an awesome German accent and the random bursting into song thing that he does totally reminds me of an early Trevor Moran (iTr3vor). I’m not even going to sugarcoat it here – the sass is real with Pablo. There’s nothing more to say. Just watch his videos. You will love him.


Twitter: @LifeWithPablo

Facebook: /lifewithpablo


7. Anthony Deluca (AnthonyDelucV) – 1,362 subscribers



Anthony is a 22-year-old vlogger from Toronto. As a total music enthusiast, Anthony’s main goal for his channel is to introduce his viewers to great music. “The goal is to kind of share new music and tidbits of my life as they happen and things unfold and life lessons I learn. Music is the one thing I’ve always found to be consistent in my life and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share new music and make things in a visual format,” he says. In the past year, Anthony has interviewed over 100 recording artists and plans on heading out to LA sometime soon to pursue a career as an entertainment correspondent. One of the coolest moments in his career so far? “I had a phone call with Ciara and we talked about a dance battle between her and Chris Brown,” he says.


Twitter: @AnthonyDelucV

Instagram: @anthonydelucv


8. Samantha Rekas (SamanthaNikoletta) – 68 subscribers



Samantha is a 21-year-old YouTuber from Chicago, though she currently resides in New York City. Her content is related to all things fashion and beauty, with the occasional lifestyle video thrown in. Something I really like about Samantha is that she actually links things in the description box when she says she’s going to. And, she’s an avid Mean Girls fan! Two shirts with Mean Girls references in one haul? Yes please.


Twitter: @SammyReckless

Instagram: @samanthaniicole


9. Lauren Carmel (HeyLaurenCarmel) – 1,846 subscribers



Lauren is a 23-year-old vlogger from England who makes advice, tag and travel videos. Her ‘FANGIRL – I aM nOt’ video is completely relatable. She teaches you “how to not be a fangirl” while simultaneously showing us that she feels all the feels. From screaming, to rolling off of furniture, to those flailing arm and hand movements – Lauren understands the fangirl mind. She was inspired to make her own videos after watching Grace Helbig (ItsGrace) – and as her fangirling shows, she loves Grace – over three years ago. “Only recently have I had the opportunity!” she says. “I love making people smile and laugh, and knowing I’ve made a video that does that makes me want to continue making them.”


Twitter: @laurencarmel

Tumblr: HERE


10. Smay Prangley (Smay Jay) – 1,034 subscribers



Smay is a 22-year-old YouTuber from Wellington, New Zealand who creates a wide variety of videos. “My channel is very much a mixed bag, with a little bit of everything on it – chit chat videos, tips and advice, DIYs and fashion and style videos,” she says. “Making videos makes me happy and I think that part of my personality shines through when I’m filming, so hopefully it makes people smile too!” Her advice is sound, the editing on her lookbooks is stellar and she’s got a pretty awesome photo wall going on in the background of most of her videos.


Twitter: @smayjay

Instagram: @smayjay


11. Machaizelli Kahey (MachaizelliDoesIt) – 1,282 subscribers



Machaizelli is a YouTuber from California who creates what he calls “vlogmady” comedy vlogs. The most popular series on his channel is his HOW TO series where he teaches you how to become your favorite celebrity – including Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Sia, Lorde and Beyoncé (but not really, because let’s be honest, only Beyoncé can be Beyoncé). He also teaches you how to be “the world famous 5SOS: soy, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and horseradish.” Enough said.


Twitter: @Machaizelli

Instagram: @macdoesit


12. Brittany (BrittanyBearPaws) – 1,791 subscribers



Brittany is a 24-year-old vlogger from Ohio who also makes sketch videos. Her ‘IF HUMANS WERE CATS’ video is everything you’d ever want it to be and more. She offers up back massages with her ‘claws,’ chases one of those light laser cat toys around, sleeps on top of the fridge and so much more. Brittany is also extremely involved in the YouTube community. In addition to her BrittanyBearPaws channel, she makes gaming videos on her gaming channel (brittsgames) and posts daily vlogs with her boyfriend Mike (ZestyMike) on their LetsPressRecord channel.


Twitter: @bbpaws

Instagram: @bbpaws



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