Interview With: Alex & Sierra

BestFan blogger Michael Sist had the chance to talk with Alex & Sierra, over the phone. The duo talked about their touring experience, being on The X Factor, Alex’s obsession with Jason Mraz and more! Check out the full interview below!



Michael: So, What has been the life of Alex and Sierra over this past year? 


Alex: It’s been crazy. We got to travel and experience these amazing things that not everyone gets to experience. It’s been really amazing and very busy.


M: How has it become busier?


A: We aren’t home very often. We are now, which is nice. We have only been home since October of last year maybe 3 months all together.  We have just been on the road a lot. We’re always doing something, its just awesome. We love it.


M: Is it hard adjusting to life on the road?


A: I think once you get into it, it’s all right.


Sierra: Yeah


M: How has your life changed since you were on The X Factor?


S: Life has definitely changed a lot. I think one of the main differences from before is that we would have to bribe our friends to come to our gigs and now people are coming to our shows. We have people listening to us who haven’t before. It’s definitely different and exciting for us. A lot of things have stayed the same though, like when we come home, our friends treat us the same way. But there are a lot of new experiences, like going on tour, which was our first time doing that and it was our favourite thing ever. We also have never written a song together before. Everything has been really amazing.


M: Do you still talk to anyone from the show?


A: Oh yeah. We got close to quite a few of the contestants. We text with Restless Road, literally every other day.


S: They actually came to visit us.


A: They came out and hung out with us for a few days. We have seen Josh Levi a few times and talked with Carlito and Rachel Potter. We talk to a lot of them still because we all got really close. I mean its one of those things where only the people who were on the show got to experience, so there is this connection we all sort of have.


M: So can you speak about that bond, because it is something that only you, who were on the show, can share? So what is it like to have that bond after the show?


S: It’s really something that we cherish a lot. We got really close with those people because when your going through something like that and its your first time being on national television and being fatigued from doing something you love to do its really difficult to deal with. I think we all also had a hard time dealing with social media. With this new technology it’s so easy to go online and see people being negative. So that was something we all had to go through for the first time, so we all connected on that level. When we talk to people from the show, we always talk about these things and just laugh. We also remember things we did, like we always went to The Grove, we all ate at the same places and we have so many inside jokes. So as cheesy as it sounds we became a family, even though it was a competition.


M: What have you both learned from the show, that has helped you in your careers so far?


S: I think being on the show made us not critique ourselves as much as other people might. We are a bit more laidback now. In the beginning both of us where really hard on ourselves and like I was saying before, with social media and being able to see what people say about you, especially when we were on national television, helped us realize that nothing is going to be as bad as that.


A: I think it has made everything afterwards a little bit more manageable because when things get stressful and crazy, we can always say at least it isn’t as bad as X Factor was. Not that X Factor was bad, it was just really stressful and super intense.


M: So you have a new album out It’s About Us, what was the inspiration behind it? 


A: We really didn’t go into the album thinking, we are going to write this specific album about this specific topic, because we have a pretty broad taste of music between the two of us, which is across different genres. We would just write what we wanted to write. So we didn’t go about it thinking this is going to be our opening song, now lets write one to go along with that. So there isn’t a specific theme or anything. We just wrote and had fun and hoped something good would come out of it. We are really happy about the album.


M: Which song is your favourite off the album?


S: We actually have the same favourite song.


A: Yeah, we both really love “All For You”. It’s the last track. Every once in a while though, when I have listened to that song way too many times during the day, my next favourite song is “Broken Frame”. The same goes for Sierra.


M: What advice would you give someone who is trying to make it into the industry?


A: There is a saying that I heard from a guy that I used to work with, he told me “Luck is just when preparation and opportunity meet and you can be prepared as possible, but you never put yourself in the right position to use that preparation or you can fall into the right situation and not be prepared.” So I think that practicing and being prepared and dedicating as much time as possible to perfecting your craft may it be singing or playing instruments or whatever it is, perfecting your craft as much as you can is really important. But, putting yourself out there is just as important. Literally take every opportunity that comes your way. You are going to have to play a whole lot of shows for free and lose a lot of money, but it can’t be about that, it has to be about doing it because you love it.


M: How are you both able to stay so grounded and humble while becoming big names in the industry?


S: I think one of the things is that we have known each other for so long, so we wouldn’t let each other change. We are also very close to our friends and family, so even when we can’t go home we are always talking to them. Also, both of our families like to make fun of us enough to make sure we don’t get an attitude. They keep us pretty grounded. And Alex is playing with a puppy so there is that.


(He was playing with a puppy during the interview.)


M: So I thought we can play a little game. So your going to both say the first thing that comes to your head when I ask you a question.


1)    Dream Duet?


A: I would love to do a duet with Jason Mraz

S: I would duet with Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift. Maybe perform as a trio.


2)    Go-to karaoke song?


A: “The Thong Song” by Sisqo

S: “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston. But there are actually so many. Or anything by Eminem or Shakira.


3)    Who is your favourite Canadian?


A: Jim Carrey or the Barenaked Ladies (Alex then changed his mine to just Jim Carrey)

S: Nina Dobrev

M: Are you a fan of Vampire Diaries?

S: Yes I am. I love that show


4)    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr?


A: Instagram.

S: Instagram! But sometimes I do love Tumblr. There are some beautiful and funny things on Tumblr.


5)    Since this is BestFan, I have to ask, what are you both a “best fan” of?


S: I am a big fan of all things Harry Potter. Movies, books, everything to do with Harry Potter.

A: If I’m being honest with myself, I would have to say Jason Mraz. I am probably the biggest Jason Mraz fan that has ever existed.


M: What’s your favourite Jason Mraz song? Or is there too many?


A: Oh you’re killing me. I was actually listening to one of his old albums today and the song “Plane” came on and I forgot how incredible that song is. I would also say “Common Pleasure.” If you haven’t heard any of them you should take a listen.


M: All your Canadian fans want to know, when will we be getting a visit from Alex & Sierra?


S: We want to know that too.

A: We are going to have to get back to you on that.

S: But, we really want to come up. I have only been once before.

A: I have never been.

S: My family drove from Florida all the way up to Montreal and we went around a bit and it was very fun and I want to come back.

M: You can definitely come to Toronto anytime and BestFan will for sure give you a tour around the city.

S: Will you? We will be there.

A: We don’t know when, but we will be there. I heard you Canadians are pretty nice.



You can catch up with Alex & Sierra by checking out their Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram pages.


Facebook: Alex & Sierra

Twitter: alexandsierra

Instagram: AlexandSierraMusic or alexkinsey or sierradeaton


(Photo courtesy of Alex & Sierra Facebook)

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