January’s 6 up-and-coming YouTubers you should be watching

YouTube is filled with a plethora of wonderfully creative people, but sometimes talented video makers get buried under the mass amounts of people that post content to the site. These lesser-known YouTubers may not be household names just yet, but they’re certainly on their way!


Check out January’s picks for 6 up-and-coming YouTubers you should be watching (if you aren’t already) below.




1. Bambii (BambiiVlogs) – 4,897 subscribers



Bambii is a lifestyle vlogger from England. He reminds me quite a bit of the uber-popular vloggers like Joe Sugg and Connor Franta. Bambii has a quick wit and sarcastic humor, both of which make his videos enjoyable. In his “REVIEWING TERRIBLE NICKI MINAJ LYRICS!” video, he does exactly what the title says: he reviews some terrible Nicki Minaj lyrics. The highlight of the video? He doesn’t understand what “on fleek” means and the entire “bae” concept pisses him off. I feel you Bambii, I feel you.


Twitter: @BambiiOfficial

Facebook: HERE



2. Lauren Toyota and John Diemer (hotforfoodblog) – 297 subscribers





You might remember Lauren as one of MuchMusic’s most prominent VJs (and if you don’t, where the heck have you been?). Now that her Much days are behind her, Lauren spends her time working on a vegan food blog with her boyfriend John called hot for food. Based out of Toronto, Lauren and John make “slick and quick recipe videos that make you want to eat your computer screen… Or actually go and make the recipe yourself!” The main focus of their channel is making tasty vegan recipes that are easy to make at home. “We want the food to be what you see first, not necessarily us making the food,” Lauren says. What makes their videos different? They’re quick and “aesthetically pleasing.” “I have yet to come across recipe videos that look like ours,” Lauren says. “That was the goal…to make something different looking than what’s already out there for food videos.” Lauren and John can show you how to make a mean vegan buffalo cauliflower sandwich with ranch sauce, no meat or dairy required!


Blog: HERE

Twitter: @hotforfood

Instagram @hotfotfood

Lauren’s Twitter: @laurentoyota

Lauren’s Instagram: @laurentoyota

John’s Twitter: @johndiemer

John’s Instagram: @johndiemer



3. Lindsey (lindseyrem) – 45,455 subscribers




Lindsey makes style, beauty and lifestyle videos. Both her editing and video quality are fantastic and her fashion sense is definitely something you’ll be lusting after. I’ve been watching her videos since she had around 6,000 subscribers. Now she has over 45,000 which is so crazy but completely well-deserved! Her personality is engaging and her sense of humor is subdued, yet relatable. My favorite thing about Lindsey? She actually lists things in the downbar when she says she will! It’s a YouTube miracle.


Twitter: @lindseyrem

Instagram: @lindseyrem


4. Kate (InTheKitchenWithKate) – 17,613 subscribers





Kate is a YouTuber from England who posts weekly baking videos. What I really like about Kate’s videos is how clear her personality comes across. She makes things easy to follow and she’s not boring, like many other YouTubers who showcase themselves in their videos can be. Her video quality, music choice and editing style are all fantastic and her videos are concise – usually under five minutes – so you’re not getting impatient while watching. Plus, she can show you how to make Oreo cheesecake bars. Yep, those exist.


Instagram: @inthekitchenwithkate

Facebook: HERE



5. Tyler Petrich (MixingMotion) – 551 subscribers





Tyler is a vlogger who makes lifestyle videos with a touch of comedy. He also posts the occasional video with a more “serious” tone like his recent “The Self Aware” video. His YouTube channel description says he’s been “avoiding social situations like it’s the black plague since 1995,” which basically makes him my spirit animal. Not even gonna lie, I think his “Mean Girls as Instagram Filters” video is my new favorite video on the Internet. Watch his videos. You will love him. Or you’ll realize that he’s also your spirit animal. Either way.


Twitter: @tylerpetrich

Instagram: @tylerpetrich



6. Luke Voller (BobaVoll) – 361 subscribers





I’m not gonna lie to you, I don’t anything about gamers. I don’t know what sets a good gamer apart from a bad gamer and I don’t really understand the whole gaming video concept. (If you have gaming knowledge please share it with me! Tweet me @fisherdashley and I will forever think you are the greatest human. I’m serious.) Luke makes gaming videos on his channel called BobaVoll. I totally don’t understand what’s going on half the time but the whole yelling at the screen thing that he does is weirdly entertaining. I’m guessing that’s the whole point of gaming videos? Anyway, if you like gaming videos, you should definitely check out Luke’s channel! Luke is a lot less “in-your-face” than most of the popular gaming YouTubers but his commentary and video quality is still great!


Twitter: @BobaVoll

Facebook: HERE

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