Interview With: Dinah (of Fifth Harmony)

With a new album out and a tour in the works, it would seem like the girls of Fifth Harmony are busy busy busy! Luckily for us, our blogger Stefanie (@stefaniemaqz) got to chat with Dinah Jane over the phone and talk about the success of the new album Reflection, The Grammys, Valentines Day and more! Check out the interview below!



Stefanie: Hi Dinah! So nice to talk to you.


Dinah: Hi Stefanie! So nice to talk to you too


Stefanie: How’s your day going so far?


Dinah: Pretty good! We’ve been rehearsing a lot for the tour so my body is so sore.


Stefanie: I want to congratulate you and the girls on the album!


Dinah: Aww thank you so much!


Stefanie: I was waiting for a studio version of “Going Nowhere” for so long!


Dinah: Girl thats my jam! It’s literally my top 3!


Stefanie: Yeah, “Going Nowhere” and “Like Mariah” are probably my favourites!


Dinah: Heeeey I like your taste!! That’s awesome I’m glad you like those ones!


Stefanie: What would you say would be your favourite song on the album?


Dinah: My favourite song would have to be “Going Nowhere” or “Reflection” – it changes all the time! One day I would want “Suga Mama,” one day it’s “Reflection” – it changes all the time.


Stefanie: If you could pick someone to collaborate with, who would be your top 3?


Dinah: I would have to say Rihanna, Bob Marley, or Sam Smith.


Stefanie: A collaboration with Sam Smith would be awesome!!


Dinah: Yes girl, his speech was so cute at the Grammys! He’s so cute!


Stefanie: Speaking of the Grammys, you guys went to some parties right?


Dinah: Yeah, we went to the Sony party and oh my gosh girl the catering was so bomb, the food they were serving there – I’ve never seen shrimp so big before! I didn’t know those kind existed. It was really cool.


Stefanie: I saw the pictures of you guys in the white dresses – you all looked stunning.


Dinah: Oh yes, we all tried to match somehow.


Stefanie: Was that your first Grammy party experience?


Dinah: Yes – it was our first time going to a Grammy party together. We went to the pre party the night before and it was so much fun, it was crazy.  We all hung out with each other and as we were getting ready before, we forgot we were Fifth Harmony – we were just best friends bumping our own album with each other in the room.  We were all in Normani’s room, just bumping music and it felt like a big sleepover and we were all just getting ready to go out. It was really cute.


Stefanie: Did you guys get to meet any celebrities that you haven’t met yet?


Dinah: Oh my gosh I met fricken Leona Lewis! I’m not playing with you she’s literally my idol! When I put my first video on YouTube, it was one of her songs, its called “Yesterday.” So when I saw her I was like oh my gosh! I literally almost started crying because she walked up to us and was like “Hey! Hi! I just wanna say congratulations” and she was saying how she liked our album and everything so that was amazing.


And on top of that we have Mariah Carey tweeting us about our album as well. She’s also one of my idols. My dreams are already coming true, it’s crazy that our idols know we exist and they’re mentioning our album! We also met GRL – another girl group – they’re such sweet girls. And it’s crazy because we met one of them at the VMA party, Simone, and they walked up to us at the Grammy party and they were like “Yeah, Simone said she met you guys and you were all so sweet!” I almost started crying it was really cute.


Stefanie: Did you guys fangirl over anyone else? I saw you guys met up with Prince Royce!


Dinah: YES Oh my gosh – I almost started speaking Spanish when I saw him – he’s so cute! One of his songs that I love is called “Corazon Sin Cara” it’s my FAVOURITE song. It reminds me of back home. It was so amazing – he’s such a sweet guy, so humble, we got to hang out with him like two times.


Stefanie: Hopefully you guys will be nominated for a Grammy in the future!


Dinah: Yeah we’ll see what happens!


Stefanie: Valentine’s Day is coming up, do you have any special plans?


Dinah: Yeah we’re going to be on a plane going to Australia. We were talking about it yesterday and they were telling us our schedule and they were like “Yeah so you guys know you’ll be flying out on Thursday to New York and on Friday you’re flying out to Australia.” So on Valentine’s we’ll all be on a plane. We’re like, “Guys its gonna be cool we’re all gonna spend Valentine’s Day together!!”


Stefanie: Exactly, all you need is the girls right?


Dinah: Girl, of course thats all I need. Well, I hate Valentine’s Day, I actually don’t like Valentine’s Day.


Stefanie: Really? Me neither!! So you’re more of a lay low type girl rather than a romance and chocolate for Valentine’s?


Dinah: Yeah I’m kind of like the lay low type – because every time Valentine’s Day comes up I’m such a sweet tooth, like the biggest sweet tooth. Me and Ally are actually – so when there’s all this chocolate around me I’m just like oh my gosh your just trying to make my skin look worse!!


Stefanie: I love that as a group you guys encourage women empowerment and you can see that you all genuinely care about your fans. On all of your social media accounts like tumblr and Twitter, the Harmonizers are always thanking you guys for helping them through tough situations. Has there been a defining moment for you or as a group where you’ve felt like, “Wow we’ve made a difference?”


Dinah: Yes – there was this one time… There was this girl and she walked up to me during a meet and greet and she stood next to me to take a picture and I held her hand after and I was like, “Oh my gosh its so nice meeting you!” And I look down and I saw that she had some cuts on her arms, and all I said was “no more.” And then I saw her on Twitter, and she’s like sending me these DMs and tweeting “Dinah Jane told me something really simple, but it stuck with me ever since I left her – all she told me was no more,” and she wrote like this long paragraph and said how nobody has ever really paid attention  to her and stuff and it really touched me because just seeing how I can affect someone like that by just saying “no more” is crazy.


And she was telling my parents about it too and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know just saying no more could change someone’s life.” She went to a tattoo shop and told them, “I want you to give me a tattoo saying no more” and she put it across her scars. And that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. And I just didn’t know something like that could change someone’s life – it was crazy.


Stefanie: Wow,  you must feel so proud that you can do something like that for someone.


Dinah: Yeah it felt really good to experience that. It was really cool, I never thought something like that would ever happen. And it’s crazy ’cause we’re the same age as them too, so for us to make a difference for them, it’s just crazy.


Stefanie: Lastly, since I’m from Bestfan, we want to know what are you a “best fan” of?


Dinah: I’m a best fan of the Vampire Diaries! That is my show! Me and Stefan all the way!! And I’m the biggest fan of hot Cheetos! My weakness is hot Cheetos.


Stefanie: You’ve been amazing thank you for taking the time to talk to me!


Dinah: Aw no worries it was nice talking to you again!! I hope to see you again so we can jam out to “Like Mariah” and “Going Nowhere.”


Stefanie: Of course, I’m going to come see you guys on tour in Toronto!


Dinah: Sounds good girl!! Nice talking to you!



Make sure to buy their album Reflection NOW!


Take a look at their latest music video for “Sledgehammer.” And catch them on tour, with a Toronto stop March 17!




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