Interview With: Nicholas Krgovich

Let us give you the 4-1-1 on Nicholas Krgovich. This alternative singer/songwriter from Vancouver just came back from touring Japan to promote his latest album On Sunset. Find out what some of his favourite tour memories are below!




You just came home from touring Japan! What was the biggest culture shock for you?


I loved how quiet it was even when we were out in the streets in these huge cities, with people and traffic everywhere. Also loved being able to get good coffee anywhere. There’s vending machines that make french press coffee, with a little video screen that shows you it being made and it plays a little song called “the coffee rhumba” while you wait.





Favourite memory from the tour?

Maybe the pizza party at Eddie Marcon’s house in Himeji.



You’ve also toured the UK. What do you like about being on the road?

I like having a relationship with places all over the world. I like going down some weird side street in Kyoto and being like “oh, I remember this bakery from last time” or being familiar with the restroom at the Flying J gas station on the way to Missoula. Just having a sense of the body temperature of all these wildly different places.





Is there a country that you’ve toured in that you love best?


I’m partial to the USA.



I hear you’re obsessed with LA. What draws you to the city?


I wouldn’t say obsessed. More like endlessly fascinated. I like the quality of light there. It’s bright and smooth. They have great sunsets. I love how sprawling and weird and unknowable it is. I love it’s rich history of showbiz. I like the beautiful weather, even when it’s hot and gross.



You have played venues of different sizes…what are the perks of smaller venues compared to bigger ones with bigger crowds?


Being able to play very quietly.





Since I am from BestFan, I want to know what YOU are a “best fan” of.


I’ve been thinking about my little brother Mikey a lot. He is kind of the best. And Dwight Yoakam.



Check out his single “Along the PCH on Oscar Night” below!



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