Interview With: Leon Bridges

BestFan TV host Vanessa Francone interviewed Leon Bridges over the phone about the success of his debut album Coming Home and what life is life for him back home in Fort Worth, Texas. He had time to spare for us as he is busy touring the world (however, he’s making a stop in Toronto October 23!). Read the full interview below!



Vanessa: Hey Leon! How are you?


Leon: I’m good, how are you doing?


V: I’m pretty good, where are you calling me from?


L: I’m in Fort Worth right now.


V: Nice, you’re home! Congrats your debut album. My favourite song off of it is “Better Man.” I was hoping you can tell me more about your inspiration for that song.


L: At the time when I wrote it, I wasn’t even in a relationship. It was just me trying to write another song and add another song to my collection of songs. When I wrote that song, it was in the beginning, when I first started going down that path of recording music. The song talks about a desperate man who wants to get back with the woman he messed up with.


V: When you’re performing live, is there one song that audiences seem to get into more than the others?


L: Yeah, I would definitely say my song “Twisting and Grooving” is the one that the crowd always goes crazy for. Out of every song that we play though, they get down to that one the most.


V: You posted a throwback picture of you busking on Instagram. Do you ever do that now to relive simpler times?


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 7.27.24 PM


L: Yeah, I’m always trying to get this balance. When I was on my way to this bar, I saw these homeless guys out busking and so I asked them if I could sit down and play with them for a bit. Actually, they asked me to sit down with them, and I told them I was a musician. So I sat down and played a couple of songs. I like being out and when I’m in places and I have my guitar with me, I play as often as I can to relive simpler times.


V: When you go home, besides seeing family, whats the first thing you want to do?


L: Usually when I get back home, mostly I just hang out with friends. But I like to go to Dolly Python Vintage in Dallas for clothes and stuff, but that’s about it.


V: Does it feel weird to go back home?


L: It feels the same for the most part. Of course now a lot more people recognize me when I’m home, but no, it feels the same.


V: You went to college and studied dance. Was your dream job always to be a musician? Or did you have other plans?


L: I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. As a dancer, I did want to be able to find a career within that. And when I started to write music, I wanted to just get to the point where I could support myself off of it. Even if it was just getting a lot of gigs around town. I never saw myself in big stadiums or stuff like that.


V: I’m from BestFan so I want to know what you are a “best fan” of.


L: Definitely a fan of 90s R&B.


V: Oh yeah, you posted that tweet about No Question!





L: Yeah! A lot of people don’t know about them, but they are an awesome R&B group!




Keep up with Leon Bridges on Twitter and Instagram. Check out “Better Man” below!


To keep up with host Vanessa, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



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