Concert Review: JoJo at the Mod Club

The multi-genre balladeer boldly strides upon the stage clad in an unbuttoned, transparent raincoat, skinny jeans, and a crop top to reveal her matured physique. This stark femininity quickly offsets the innocent demur of a 14-year-old girl that many have grown up witnessing, and remember stole their  hearts. The result is a grown women aesthetically attune to her level of confidence, however isn’t afraid to embrace vulnerability. Yes, according to many, her absence has plagued fans with worry, but in that moment — where she stood transfixed under the stage lights, and the back lit anchor of her band facing outward into a sea of loyalist cheering back — I could tell there was no need for a reintroduction. Her fandom has always been here  — unmoved by the passage of time  — waiting impatiently in the woodwork for the old JoJo, while openly welcoming the new one, too.

JoJo having an acoustic session with fans before the main show (Courtesy of Peter Raimundo).

Last night at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario, Bestfan had the chance to experience the I AM JOJO TOUR and the songstress’ reemergence into our lives as an icon.

JoJo giving the audience the piece sign because she adores Toronto fans (Courtesy of Peter Raimundo).

The R&B princess starts the show off with “Baby It’s You,” dating back to circa 2004, and segues into a mashup of “Breezy,” “City Lights,” and “The Happy Song” respectively. To no surprise all the nostalgic feels are inevitably resurfacing, perhaps, to provoke a sing-along response from the audience — and it does, whether instinctively, or not. The set list is jammed packed with memorabilia in the shape of our childhood obsessions like “Leave (Get Out), and “Too Little too Late,” in the lead up towards recently released EP material, III, or also known as the tringle: “When Love Hurts,” “Save My Soul,” and “Say Love” performed in that order. Her take on these classics is sexually-heightened through a shearing voice that billows outward, and swells with reverberation to meet the appropriate age of the audience, while her message about love — the good, the bad, and the ugly — is present on every lyric.

JoJo taking it to another level with the coat drop (Courtesy of Peter Raimundo).

She also performed an unreleased song called “I Am” during the encore, and in hindsight, did we swoon? Of course. It’s JoJo, who reigned as queen during our prepubescent years (if you’re around my age).

Details of her third studio album have yet to be released, but while we wait, check out one of three singles from her latest EP, and stay up-to-date with us @Bestfan!


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