What We Learned About Drake’s Interview on Beats 1

With “VIEWS” dropping at midnight, Drake decides to hop on Beats 1 Radio for an exclusive episode of OVO Sound Radio. The episode will premiere a full-listen of the album and an interview with Zane Lowe in L.A. Fans from across the world are tuning into their iTunes Radio for a live stream and full-interview with the “6 God” himself. We took a listen to the hour plus episode to learn about the creative process, tidbits and features for the album. Here are the (major) key items you need to know about the album before copping the album tonight.

1.  Production on “VIEWS”?:

Just before the album the episode hit the net, one of Drake’s right hand Noah “40” Shebib decided to release the production credits for the album. We learnt that there are familiar faces and new producers have added their contributing the album. We have production from Boi-1da, Brian Alexander Morgan, Kanye West, Jordan Ullman (of Majid Jordan), Nineteen95, Beat Bully, Murda Beatz, Daxz, Supa Dups, Allen Ritter, Southside, Cardo, Young Exclusive, Sevn Thomas, Frank Dukes, Maneesh and – of course, Noah “40” Shebib.

2. Pressure Of Announcing VIEWS Early?:

The name took on a life of its own, but Oliver and Drake don’t really announce things prematurely. They worked together to discuss and worked on a plan behind the album. His focus at the time was doing a mixtape with Boi-1da and this was where “If You’re Reading This Too Late” came about. The plan was to develop personal projects to create the bridge towards “VIEWS“.

3. Favorite Song With Future From His ‘”WATTBA” sessions?

“Digital Dash” was the song for Drake and Future. He felt Future ‘bodied’ the track, and Drake felt that he was overshadowed on the track and had to figure out how he can create his own ‘sound’ through the track. Drake reassured us that Future has tracks from their studio session are in the vault and he’s not sure when they are dropping.

4. The Underlined Concept Of “VIEWS”?:

Drake mentioned that the album was probably his ‘highest level of vocal’ performance. The concept behind the album was based around change of the season in Toronto. It starts in the winter (“Keep the Family Close”) and goes through the full cycle. It is just to show you the two extreme moods that we have. Our weather spectrum are harsh, especially in the winter. He also recorded the album during the winter to live the conditions of the city.

5. Issues Addressed On “VIEWS”?:

Within each track, Drake took every song and created a deeper concept behind it. He addressed life between Toronto and L.A., struggles with people, how he’s actually feeling versus how other people feel about him. He went so deep within some tracks, he had to reach out friends to “pull him up”. He said he addresses a lot of “harsh truths” on the album.

6. His Relationship with Kanye West & How Did Jay-Z End Up On “Pop Star”?:

Drake said that when he submitted the song to Kanye West, he in return received Kanye’s verse along with two-lines from Jay-Z, which he thought was cool. Kanye mentioned Jay-Z was in the studio, who contributed to the track. Kanye was excited about having Jay-Z join in and they decided to release it. Drake understood the frustration from the fans, but regardless he has love for The Throne. He also revealed that he decided to go with an alternate version of the track for the album.

In addition, Drake mentioned that Kanye is his neighbor and they visit each other often. They have their eyes set on doing a collaborative mixtape or album together. At the moment, he’s crossing his fingers and hoping to get that done.

7. Collaboration on “VIEWS”?:

He said Rihanna is on “Two Good To You”, it came together after they recorded ‘Work’. He mentioned it was flawless and it was a genuine chemistry between them.

Unfortunately, Skepta isn’t on the record. Drake said he was focused on his upcoming album, “Konnichiwa“. He was excited for his upcoming album, but once some time opens up Drake wants to get into studio with Skepta to figure out what a song they can put together.

Reggae artists, Popcaan and Beenie Man added ad-libs to a few records on “VIEWS“. In addition, Drake said he sampled Mavado‘s “Dying” on “9”. He also touched on the fact that PARTYNEXTDOOR, Pimp C, Wizkid, and Future also are on the album.

8. Relationship with Nicki Minaj?

Drake doesn’t talk to Nicki Minaj, but he still has love and respect for her. He mentioned that she handled the situation well and reacted like a ‘lady’. He wishes her the best and want her to continue towards greater success.

9. Best Piece of Advice Drake’s Received From His Parents?

Drake lives by a “72 Hour” rule, which he learned from his mom. One day his mom said, “Go to sleep, you’ll feel frustrated and bothered, then you go to sleep again, and you’ll feel a little unbothered, but by the third day, most likely someone else would have done something worse.” He takes this advice, especially in the social media space.

10. What’s Next After “VIEWS” drops?

Outside of the fact, he’s got new music out of “VIEWS” in the vault, Drake said he’d be interested in getting back to acting. He told Zane, “I’d love to go back to acting…I feel like I spent a lot of my life honing that craft”.


Drake’s latest album, “VIEWS” is currently available now on iTunes. Will it live up to the hype? What’s the hottest songs, what are the worst songs. Tweet us at let us know.

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