Concert Review: NEFE at the Soho House

This past Friday, the Soho House held an intimate show with singer-songwriter NEFE (a.k.a Sarah Felker). The perfect setting for a young artist whose voice can literally silence a room!

NEFE, originally from Guelph, has already caught the attention of Canada’s top industry executives and a few Canadian artists, such as Anthony Carone of the Arkells, and country singer Kira Isabella. Although her soft spoken appearance is deceiving, she is loud on the inside with a rich voice that is compared to some of the greats that have come before her. The name Tracey Chapman came to mind while she was performing, as they both have that soulful power that very few artists do.

During her 45-minute private show, NEFE performed a few of her songs, including “Lies” and “Let Me Know”, and even channeled the late Amy Winehouse by singing “Valerie” and dear I say, did justice to the song! She also shared that the Bristish singer is still one of her musical influences.

Be sure to check out NEFE at the Rivoli on April 21st, the same day her EP “Mama” is released.


*As per Soho House policy, no photos were allowed during this event.


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