Featured Artist: Alina Baraz

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long work week and catching up on some new music. With that said, I stumbled upon an interesting artist over the weekend and was instantly drawn to her mellow vocals. Alina Baraz, the 21-year-old hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, already has an EP under her belt, landing her on the Billboard 200, and has gained ‘some’ notice through her collaboration with Danish producer Galimatias.

After scrolling through her SoundCloud page, I found her pop, downtempo/electronica genre quite intriguing and kind of relaxing to say the least. Her soft voice mixed with Galimatias’ electronic instrumentals create an alluring and diverse sound. And to think, these two had never met in person before–until AFTER her 8-track EP Urban Flora had been completed!

Prior to all of this, Alina reached out to ‘Gali’, as she likes to call him, and wrote a song over one of his tracks that she found on his SoundCloud page. She then sent him a message in his inbox that read “hey I wrote a song on your track, I hope it’s okay.” He was instantly hooked and wanted to work with her right away (ah, the wonders of the Internet nowadays!). And so they did; they both worked on her project for six months, sending each other beats through Facebook and just like that, there was an immediate connection.

When it comes to inspiration, Baraz says she’s inspired by her environment and can resonate with just about anything. Musically, she grew up listening to classical music, but once she got into vocalists, she credits Adele and Amy Winehouse as her musical influences. She was part of a choir when she was younger which made her realize later on that she can really sing–and prompted her big move to L.A.

Her breakthrough single titled Fantasy, creates the perfect mood for those moments when you just want to escape from everything around you. Her sound can easily be compared to that of Sade and with a little help from Galimatias, Alina is slowly turning her ‘fantasy’ into a reality!

Alina has already kicked off her Let’s Get Lost tour and will be making a stop in Toronto tomorrow, performing at the Velvet Underground. Urban Flora is now available on iTunes and Spotify.


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