NEFE – “Minute”

Canadian singer/songwriter, NEFE, hailing from the small southwestern Ontario city of Guelph is making waves with her soulful voice. Her brand new video for “Minute” showcases that.

Speaking about making the video, NEFE said: “The “Minute” video was lots of fun to make. I got to work with the talented Dan LeMoyne and his crew.  We tried to recreate the visual and emotions of leaving home for the first time, learning how to embrace the world and all its troubles, like finding your place in the world, falling in love, missing your family and all the things you left behind to create new memories and follow your dreams. All that fun stuff. ”

NEFE also shared her experience of writing “Minute”: “I got the idea for “Minute” after I had eaten some magical mushrooms. I was crazy about this girl and all these feelings were bursting out of me.  It’s a song about expectance, when your feelings for that special someone are growing. I wanted her to slow down for a minute, quiet her mind and feel the love.”

Click here to watch the video:


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