Movie Review: “IT”

OK, before I go further, I would like to let you all know that I spent more time looking at my popcorn than the screen.  Butter is life.  Ok go…

IT was the first horror movie I watched as a child.  It terrified me beyond belief and my love for clowns has never been the same since. Except for that one clown I had at my 8th birthday party.  She was cool.  Moving on…When I heard they were making a remake of the 90’s miniseries, I decided “I need to see this”, because why not? Insert some inspirational quote about facing your fears here. As adults, we barely get any sleep (hash tag adulting) so what’s another few months without some shuteye really going to do?

I’ll admit, I was terrified even before the movie started.  Cue anxiety attack.  I couldn’t even watch the Bladerunner 2049 preview in peace.

I have not been a fan of the horror genre for a while.  One, because I’m a chicken, and two I just don’t feel horror movies have much substance.  The last true horror film that I loved was The Exorcist. So, I was curious to see how IT would play out.  IT (insert pun) did not disappoint.

The thing about this film that is so terrifying is that it doesn’t come at you all at once.  When I talk about the horror genre decline, I mean it in this way.  Horror movies  in the days of the Exorcist were more complex than the films of today.  Meaning, in today’s world of horror, films are solely based on shock value and how often something can scare you.  These movies lack true character development and plot, which is why I feel the horror genre doesn’t do as well at the box office.  There are some cheesy parts to this film that had me rolling my eyes a bit.  It was more in relation to acting than visuals.

IT was completely different.  I think we laughed more than we screamed.  The reason why this movie is so interesting and terrifying is its complexity.  The scenes with Pennywise are truly terrifying, but it doesn’t take over the whole film.  He isn’t over exposed; he’s not in every scene, which is why when we do see him it becomes even more terrifying. In fact, it almost feels as though Pennywise is a supporting character to The Losers Club.  The issue with modern day horror is its over exposure.

The plot and character development is another reason why this film is so successful.  The Losers Club is where it’s at.  Each character has a back story, something they are afraid of, and IT finds his way into each child’s horror story and makes it his own. Andres Muschietti does an excellent job of directing this film.  The visual are truly stunning which elevates the level or terror.

The writing is also exceptional.   Like I said before, we laughed more than we screamed.  This went hand in hand with the character development and plot.  Most horror films lack these components.  This film is not one of them. The film, like the miniseries, ditched the controversial ending in the book, but ends it in a satisfying way.

The cast is led by Bill Skarsgard, who does an impeccable job as Pennywise the clown.  The Losers Club, includes Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard (Seriously this kid is living the 80’s and riding a bike 24/7) and has one of the greatest on screen chemistry I have seen recently.  Besides the visuals, the acting of everyone in this film is nothing short of fantastic.

IT is in theaters now.  I’m going to take a nap while it’s still light outside.

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